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Remodeling For The Golden Years

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Want to age in place? As the popularity of such services as home health care increase, many homeowners hope to remain in their homes through retirement. If you’re planning a home remodel in the near future, don’t forget about including renovations that will help you age in place through the golden years.

Remodeling For The Golden Years

Focus on the Bathroom

Bathrooms are among the most common locations for accidents among the elderly. Reduce the chances of a fall or another accident during the golden years by including bathroom renovations in your home remodeling project. A few bathroom upgrades to consider include investing in flooring that reduces the chance of slipping, lower countertops, a toilet grip bar, and a walk-in shower. Making these upgrades now can help prepare you for an accident-free future and will also help you avoid having to complete another remodeling project during retirement.

Improve the Kitchen

The kitchen is a high traffic home area that must often be renovated for retirement. Since you’ll likely spend a fair amount of time in your kitchen during the golden years, make some necessary changes to this space now rather than later. These upgrades can include lower countertops, an increased amount of lower level cupboards, slip-free flooring and more. If your dining room isn’t currently easily accessible from the kitchen, consider whether you can change the layout during this remodeling project.

Increase Accessibility

From your home’s entryway to the hallways, increased accessibility throughout the property will be essential during the golden years. As such, be proactive and make the necessary changes now during your upcoming remodeling project. If possible, widen your doorways, increase the size of your entryways and remove steps from your entryways to the home’s main living area. Where possible, lower your countertops and cabinets to make them more accessible. You can also install closet organization systems that allow items to be placed in high or low storage spaces.

Improve Lighting

Improving lighting is an easy, yet essential, task to include in your home’s remodeling project. Add more light to hallways, bathrooms, and other high traffic areas. Also, use long-lasting LED lightbulbs in each fixture to decrease how often you’ll need to change the bulbs. Adding bright lighting throughout your home reduces the chances of a fall or another accident.

Think about Security

You’ll want to feel safe and secure in your home through retirement. As such, now is the time to improve the property’s security. When remodeling your home, replace low-quality doors and locks with high-quality alternatives. If possible, install a security or alert system. These easy and efficient upgrades will help you feel safe at home now and in the future.

Remodeling for the golden years can include several projects. From increasing accessibility throughout your home to improving the home’s lighting and more, there are many steps you can take now to age in place comfortably through the future golden years. Typically, most people look to hire a contractor to undertake these types of renovations. According to 17 Contractor Hiring Tips, you should verify everything that a contractor tells you verbally, to ensure there is no misunderstanding. Plan properly, research thoroughly and your home renovation will be a success.

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