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Regular Supervision Of Baby Movements And Contractions

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Pregnancy is happy news for the parents, family members and even the neighbors. At the same time, numbers of precautions have to be taken and the guidelines by the physicians have to be followed. The precautions are taken for several reasons which include ensuring good health of you and your baby, taking care of any infection during the period, avoiding harmful medicines, carrying on exercises regularly, mentoring the gradual growth of the baby following suitable diet chart, avoiding such household chore which may result in sudden fall, climbing steep stairs and regular consultation with the physician when the need is felt. Now, another important aspect is that care has to be taken when the baby starts moving in the womb.The doctors suggest it is very important to count the kicks delivered by the baby because it indicates the health of the baby.From the eighteenth week onward you will feel a sudden awkward sensation in the stomach which are nothing but the leg movements of your baby.

Regular Supervision Of Baby Movements And Contractions

A benefit of user-friendly apparatus

The most systematic scientific studies have revealed that between the eighteenth and twentieth week of pregnancy, a daily record has to be kept in relation to  your baby’s movements because it is quite a reliable way to assess the wellbeing of the baby.You can always buy such a count apparatus available with the trusted pregnancy websites.It is advisable to count the kicks or punches every day, preferably at the same time.Now to start the procedure you have to sit while your feet will be kept up and with each movement of your baby tap the foot on the apparatus.Now, the moment the count will suggest that the movements are not normal then your physician has to be consulted.There may be number reasons why the movements become irregular, like you may have consumed a  lot of coffee, in the process, your baby is distressed

Irregular counts to be reported

You should take help of regular charts in relation to baby kick monitor, and in any case, you find your baby is not moving then instantly you have to wake him or her up making a loud sound with any means.You can also monitor the movements at different times of the day to find if any irregularity is noticed.You can easily download the related apparatus in your mobile phone and the moments you feel the movements keep a record.You can also use such apparatus which can be tied to a wristband.

Avoiding an unfortunate situation

It is very important that every precaution has to be taken so that any unfortunate event,like in case mis-carraiage occurs.To avoid such situation it is really important to keep a regular track on the contractions in the later stage of pregnancy.In relation to timing contractions when to go to hospital, the daily monitoring practice turns to be very useful.When the contractions coming from five to twenty minutes apart, then it is moderate you need not worry.Such contractions generally, cause discomfort and back pain.It is possible to relax between contractions.The time that you have to head for the hospital is during your active labor period and then the contractions last from forty-five to sixty seconds and occur between three to four minutes separately.

Maintaining regular count charts

It is quite necessary to take all the steps according to the guidelines specified by the physicians.It turns to be very useful when regular charts are made in relation to the movement of the baby and the pregnancy contractions.

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