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Regular Backups is a must

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Yes, if you hadn’t expected, you probably now know that your Mac can run into problems too. But just to be on the safer side, you should always take the safer option and make sure you bring taking regular backups in practice. Being consistent is the key hence taking a backup every week or two before any tragic strikes. For back up, we would highly recommend you to go for a cloud back.


Software update

While Apple and many other companies keep posting regular updates on their OS, apps and more. It is not always necessary you need to keep up. Before downloading a software update, make sure you read about the new update. What are other people’s reviews of the same, check for the majority review and see if you should wait for another, a better update to come up before you end up downloading this.

Add an anti-virus and anti-malware software

This is important to avoid any future, unforeseen trouble for your Mac machine. Yes, until now you probably thought your Mac was not prone to any viruses, but that is definitely not the case. You never know what kind of new malware can hit your system. Hence, download a stable and reliable anti-virus and anti-malware software will help protect your OS from future problems. This should also protect you from becoming a victim to widespread malicious software scams.

Cleanup – Get rips of apps you are probably not using

While the Mac dock allows you to see all open apps, you should try and see if there are any apps that you are probably not really using and should either get rid of or simply turn them off. This helps improve your Mac’s performance. Should also probably get rid of all the junk or unimportant stuff that is taking up space on your Mac desktop. If you think this clutter does not affect your RAM usage, think again as the RAM is being used to display those extra icons on your desktop and can affect your Mac’s performance. And as you know, de-cluttering is the best policy, so make sure to stick to keeping your desktop clear and organized. This should also help you locate stuff easily in organized folders as and when needed.

Did you run the utility program?

Your Mac comes integrated with this program called the Disk Utility that allows you to check your hard disk’s health and functionality. If you do not know about the functionalities of a disk utility, we would urge you to go read about it and make sure that (once you are through with how to use it and make it work) you are running your disk utility check almost every 2 months or so. For more information visit us


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