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Reasons To Choose LG OLED TV For Your Home

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There is nothing enjoyable as sitting down at the home to watch a TV show or movies on the big TV screen with family and friends. Currently, HDR and 4K are becoming commonplace in all the homes. Do you wish to upgrade your TV to watch games, sports, and movies in the crisper and brighter screen than ever before? Are you confused on choosing the right TV because of the availability of different sizes, models, and resolutions? Well, we have come up here to help you find the best LG TV for your living room within your budget.

Reasons To Choose LG OLED TV For Your Home

How to Purchase the Right LG TV for your Home

When it comes to choosing a TV, try to choose the TV, which is not too big for your room as well as your budget. Almost all the TV models come in different sizes so that pick the perfect size for your home to have optimal viewing experience. Are you confused about choosing 65-inch or 55-inch TV? Apart from screen size differences, each TV model has the same specifications so that you should not worry about the image quality. Practically, it will be same across the TV range.

What Size TV should you Purchase?

TV size is one of the important decisions to make while buying a TV. TV screen size is not only decided by the room size but also about how far you sit and watch the TV. When you wish to get full advantage from 4K HDR TV, you have to sit near to let your eyes to see the enhanced image clarity.

When you are not sure to pick the TV size you need, just measure the distance between the current TV position and your usual seating position. When compared to older TV, you may be surely surprised how close you require to sit to the 4K TV. For 50inch 4K TV, the recommended viewing distance is 5feet or less and it is 6.5feet for 65inch 4K TV.

What TV Resolution do you need?

At present, HD (high definition) TV falls into two categories FHD (1080p) and UHD (often called as 4K). Both have some differences in its pixel density and image clarity.  Nowadays, even though cheapest TV accesses the full HD resolution, it has been many years since any TV manufacturer sent us the FHD TV. When you choose 4K TV, you have plenty of additional options, which you do not have in the conventional TVs. It includes streaming service, Amazon video, movies, and much more. In addition to, you can even play games consoles in LG 4K TV.

Why do we Choose LG OLED TV?

Do you decide to purchase LG OLED TV? Well, you have taken a right decision because LG is the leader in the OLED TV market. If you choose this TV, you will enjoy the following benefits.

  • Does not suffer from motion blur and motion lag as LCD display
  • Have perfect viewing angle
  • Have one solid layer of the plexiglass like material
  • Energy efficient TV
  • Flexible, large and cardboard thin
  • Faster response rate than plasma
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