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Reaching Toward Harmony

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Are you in touch with the natural rhythm of life? Perhaps you are in touch with a 9 to 5 job, the flow of traffic to and from work, upcoming holidays, and uncertain weather predictions. You may know that bills need to be paid on time and your children need food, love, and attention.

What about you? Everyone needs a balance in the workplace, at home, and most importantly, within their own skin. When work and home life take up more mental space than self-care, it can be easy to get out of touch. Eating enough food, getting enough sleep, and making time for what is important to you can be more burdensome rather than seeming to be worth the effort.

Learning to Connect

Think about your average day and take a look at the things you say to other people and say to yourself. Each of these statements reflect a belief which emerges from your soul. Those beliefs come from a lifetime of learning what works and what does not work. As there is more noise pollution in the world now more than ever, it is important to counteract the dissonance with sound healing tools. Sometimes noise pollution triggers beliefs which developed from traumatic events. Those negative thought patterns create unhealthy beliefs that keep you from achieving a desirable state of mind.

Affirmations that are spoken out loud are a form of sound healing. Tools to reconnect are important to restore balance and create a peaceful environment. What is the importance of sound vibration in recovering parts of the self into wholeness?

Reaching Toward Harmony

Seeing is Believing

It is often said that “seeing is believing.” That means that belief comes from synchronizing hopes and dreams into something we can perceive. Instead of seeing, any form of perception should lead to a real belief in something. Smelling good food, feeling warmth, and hearing approving words from those you love lead to beliefs about the world around you.

There are many sound healing tools that can restructure unhealthy beliefs into a supportive, well-balanced life. Some therapists use tuning forks over specific trigger points to open energetic pathways. Himalayan singing bowls bring a sense of beauty to any space. Chanting religious texts and scriptures, whether complex mantras or simple ones like “ohm,” promote happiness and peace in many traditions. Many people today use binaural beats, a set of sound frequencies, to promote sleep, improve meditation, and achieve personal goals.

Start Simply

There is something you can do right now to improve your life. Say out loud, “I believe that I can get.” This simple statement reminds your body that it is sacred and reinforces your soul’s longing to receive love and affection. You are inherently worthy of health and happiness. It is possible to find the root of happiness in your life so that you can be free from suffering. Raising awareness about yourself in turn restores balance to the rest of your life.

You can improve your work life, enhance your perception when navigating the world, and manage the stress when the weather report claims sunshine when it’s raining everywhere. Now that you know that there is a way to be in touch with the rhythms of your body and environment, it is time to do more research about empowering treatments. Sound healing tools exist to support your connection to nature and your divinity. Give your life a sense of purpose by being gentle with yourself and opening yourself to the awesome energies of the universe.

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