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Put Your Boss To Work For You

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Your boss must be the absolute best boss on this entire planet. There’s probably not one single thing you could do better than your boss or change you’d like to make about the way your boss manages you and your coworkers. No?  Read on to find the top three ways to make your boss work better for you.

Put Your Boss To Work For You

Manage Up

Even if your boss has shortcomings, they are just people after all, you don’t have to be the victim of a boss that just doesn’t understand your job and the role you play. Simply see your boss as a person who hasn’t learned enough to be fully useful to you, yet. You need to write a Skill Development Plan for your boss. As you do so, reflect on what you need from your boss and write in the form of a wish list made of tasks. It could look like this:

  • “I wish my boss could troubleshoot problems with the supply division.”
  • “I wish my boss could build a relationship with the boss in recruiting.”
  • “I wish my boss would make a decision about my raise.”

After you’ve created your Skill Development Plan, you can choose to openly inform your boss that you’re teaching them so they can help you more, or just sneak it in. By helping your boss improve, you are improving your own workplace and your own environment. You aren’t a victim; you have a plan of action.

Communicate Effectively

Knowing how to communicate with your boss is an incredibly valuable tool. First, know when your boss is most available. Is he or she the kind of person that has a long drive home, and could speak on the phone and really communicate then?  How about the bosses that love to come in super early to make sure they are prepared for the day?  That could be the best time to have a one-on-one.

Don’t forget to find the best method of communication. Email is preferred by some; others would like to text or p.c. you on Skype. Learn their favorite and then learn to use it effectively.

Streamline your message. Send multiple emails if necessary with different subject lines and bullet items. Make sure you are communicating well so that your boss can communicate well.

Capitalize on a Bad Boss

All joking aside, there are bad bosses out there. Should you be assigned to one, don’t ruin your career to spite the bad guy. Use your frustration as motivation to prepare for a future without that bad boss. Be ready for the next opportunity to seek another position within the company or with your company’s competitor

You can silently build your file of good reports. Collect references and recommendation letters from industry professionals or even clients. Put the positive citations of your work in that file, as well. Look for activities that will give you measurable results and leadership roles. These will make your credibility stronger when the opportunity to move comes up.

Decide what job you would like to be in. Then, find out the movers and shakers in that department, or with that company. Take them to lunch; help them out whenever possible. They are the people who can give you insider information, direction and maybe even a reference.

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