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Put Some Savings Into Your Summertime

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Are you counting the days until summer officially arrives?

For many people, summer is the best time of the year. From vacations to outdoor BBQ’s and much more, summertime offers individuals and families the opportunity to kick back some and relax.

With that in mind, are you ready for a summer to remember?

Even if you have no trips on the agenda, that does not mean your summer has to be boring.

Put Some Savings Into Your Summertime

Dressing up Your Home for Summer

While you may or may not be vacationing this summer, you very well might be entertaining guests or just enjoying some quiet family time out in the backyard. Perhaps a cookout or two will be planned? Are you thinking of some awesome pool parties in the coming months?

No matter what summertime fan you have planned, finding a way to pull it off without breaking the bank is always a good thing.

That said here are some ways to make your summer is awesome, yet still saving some green when all is said and done.

These tips include:

  • Shop early – If you are in need of patio furniture sets, lounge and regular chairs, tables, pool accessories and more, shop early. Keep in mind that many of these summertime items hit the stores nationwide in late winter or early spring, so times truly is of the essence. Buying such items earlier than later also gives you the opportunity to save money. For example, people waiting to buy fans and air conditioners once the hot weather truly arrives can expect to pay more money. Lastly, also look to some of the lesser-known brands for some of your needs. Doing this could allow you to save some money instead of buying from the bigger-known franchise stores;
  • Care for older items – If you take care of your outdoor furniture, there is no reason it can’t last for many years. This means not only putting it away in the wintertime (if you reside in a cold and snowy part of the country), but also caring for it in the summer. From severe heat to heavy rain, don’t leave your furniture unprotected during the months you’re most likely to use it. Covering it up at times and/or having it on a covered patio or porch makes the most sense, especially if you want to save money over time;
  • Keep an eye on the kids – Anyone who has kids can tell you that they can be a handful at times. From being a little too rough with furniture to spilling food and drinks on it, the furniture can take quite a beating from the little ones. Make sure to remind your kids that each and every piece of furniture is not to be considered toys. While it is perfectly fine for the kids to use (including when they have their friends over), remind them to be responsible at the same time;
  • Pools need care – If you own a swimming pool, you’re probably one of the more popular people in the neighborhood, not to mention among your family and friends. That said pools are undoubtedly lots of maintenance. From keeping the water clean and healthy to making sure the kids don’t get too rough in it, pools demand a fair amount of your time during the nicer weather months. Be sure to do preventative maintenance on your pool regularly, thereby avoiding higher costs to fix things down the road. If you can afford it, having a pool cleaner come through from time to time to tend to your above or in-ground pool is a good option;
  • Buy food items in bulk – Lastly, you can’t have a summer party or two without buying lots of food and drinks. If your backyard/patio will be hosting some summertime events, buy your required food and drinks early and in bulk. This way, you can save some green along the way. Some stores (Costco etc.) allow you to purchase larger-sized items or in bulk, so take advantage of such opportunities.

Summer is almost here, so don’t waste time thinking about how you’re going to enjoy it outside.

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