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Is Your Vehicle Driving You Crazy?

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Whether you own a car or truck, your windshield is one of the primary points of operation on the vehicle.

Stop for a moment and think about the times you’re out driving and you have trouble seeing in front of you.

It can be rain, fog, hail, the sun hitting you right in the face. All kinds of weather-related conditions can make driving a nightmare.

Now stop and think about when you have more than just a little chip or crack in the windshield. Is your vehicle truly safe to drive at that point?

If your vehicle is driving you crazy for the above-mentioned reasons, it is very likely time to get in and see a windshield specialist before an accident occurs.

 Is Your Vehicle Driving You Crazy

Safety on the Roads is Your Responsibility

While you can’t always account for the driving habits of others on the road or the driving conditions for that matter, there are many factors right at the control of your fingertips.

Among the items you should be responsible for:

  1. Vehicle’s condition – Even though you may be struggling financially regularly or at times, that is no excuse to let vehicle safety go. Whether your tires are low, your brakes need repairing, you have lights or turn signals that are out, do your best to keep your car or truck in the best running shape possible. The same holds true for your windows and especially your windshield. Whether you need a visit to Phoenix auto glass company or one closer to home, don’t let cracked and severely chipped windshields go. Besides being a driving hazard to you, remember that you can also put other drivers at risk if you’re distracted by cracks or numerous chips in the windshield. In many cases, the repair is easier and not as expensive as you might think it to be;
  2. Avoiding speeding – Yes, there are many people obeying the speed limits on local and state highways, but that is certainly not always the case. While some accidents are caused by drivers in fact driving too slowly, many more are caused by tailgating and speeding. You’ve probably seen bumper stickers on cars reading to the effect of if you can read their bumper sticker; you are too close to their bumper. In many cases, that is the truth. The ability to be able to stop on a dime, especially with all the cars and trucks on the road today, is made much more difficult if you’re following someone too closely. Speeding on highways in the middle of Montana and speeding on highways in California are two entirely different animals. Do your best to always drive at a safe speed, giving you and those around you plenty of braking room;
  3. No road rage – You hear the stories on an almost weekly basis on the news and/or the Internet. Someone got ticked off at another driver cutting them off or tailgating them, so they end up flying into a road rage. While not all road rage incidents end in injuries or worse, many do culminate with something bad taking place. Do your best to avoid such situations, even if the other driver is clearly at fault. Chasing someone down who just cut you off or worse is not worth your time, not to mention potentially your life. If someone does do something that results in you having an accident, do your best to get their license plate number/description of the vehicle if they choose not to stop. Going after them, especially when you do not know whether or not they are armed or not, is a recipe for potential disaster.

Yes, driving can be quite hairy these days, even when it comes to just navigating shopping store or mall parking lots and the like.

To make matters less frustrating, not to mention lessen the odds of you and others being involved in an accident, make sure your vehicle is in fine working shape.

If the brakes, tires, windshield etc. have issues, get them fixed as soon as possible.

While your vehicle may drive you crazy at times, having a reliable vehicle to get you and those around you where they need to go is what most matters.

Doing it safely is definitely the road to go.

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