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Pursuing The MBA In India – Is This The Right Decision?

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The MBA degree is a two-year long course with varying fee structure depending on the type and location of education centre. However, if you have decided to pursue MBA in marketing in India, you have to put in your time and money to yield best results. On an average, the living expenses, food, fees etc…. total up to $150000 or more. It is important to determine the advantages of this course and whether it is right for your career.

What is the Importance of MBA?

The students who wish to boost their career or get higher degree pursue this course. This is the reason it is called as a terminal degree. Many students plan to get it after doctor’s degree or masters in their respective fields and therefore it is the last stop in education. However, those who plan to do PHDs must think twice before stepping in this field. They could rather do courses that are research oriented.

Pursuing The MBA In India - Is This The Right Decision?

The Institutions Offer Two Types of MBA Programs

  • The full time course
  • Part time courses

The full time program is a two-year long course with few months of summer internship. Students have to excel in four semesters to gain an edge. During the first year or the first two semesters, they will be taught core theory of this course. In the following year, they will be provided specialization in respective fields. During this year, they will study the elective courses. Students’ first priority is this program and hence they do not get much time for part time work.

However, if you are a working professional and could not denote enough time to MBA schools, you could pursue part time courses. The MBA schools allow you to work in the day and attend college in the evening.

All you need to know about the EMBA

EMBA is the executive MBA program specially designed to boost career of company executives. Usually, the companies completely sponsor this kind of expensive courses. Unlike MBA, this program is not designed for every graduate. Only the professionals, who have specialized in their respective fields and they wish to have an edge in the competition, could pursue this program.

This is a two-year program, but the working professionals do need to do an internship in any firm. There are limited scholarships for this program. You have to explore the internet and shortlist schools offering EMBA programs. They offer specialization in-

  • Master of industrial administration
  • Masters of computational finance
  • Masters of the health care
  • Masters of public accountancy

There is few dual degree or the joint degree courses available at these educational institutions. Students could pursue the full time graduate program and full time MBA program simultaneously. It includes administration, healthcare and law related programs. However, students have to ensure that they take admission separately for both the courses. These programs are best for those who wish to achieve success much early in their life.

You do not need any kind of formal training in business to pursue MBA. Your teachers will provide you theoretical and practical training.

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