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Prosthetic Advantages: Above the elbow prosthesis

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Prothesis like above the elbow has many benefits. We can specifically name a few however the person using them can draw out much more than what we can mention in limited words. Read on to find out the best advantages that one can have by using a prosthetic hand or particularly an upper limb prosthetic device.

  1. Make the Movement Natural


Prosthetic limbs enable body parts to perform their movements in the way they were designed to do.

  • Patients who have used prosthetic devices know that the primary functions of a prosthetic limb are to support the muscles and bones in a manner that there is no discomfort while doing activities like eating food, lifting a minor load or in some cases driving.
  • When the prosthetics are installed in the correct manner, one can enjoy the ease that these devices offer.Speaking from a scientific point of view, the human brain needs time to resume natural functioning and restore the flow of the activities in the body parts that have been amputated.
  • Therefore, a correctly designed prosthetic that offers ease and natural movement can speed up the process of the brain adapting to the prosthetic device.
  1. Close to the Original


  • Accidents and genetic deformations may hamper the functioning of the body. However, brilliant and innovative minds in the world have been successful in developing such devices that may not be a perfect replacement to the natural limb but is an above average substitute.
  • You can research on the internet to land up with a prosthetic device maker, who has an excellent reputation and has experience of creating a perfect fit model. Asking a surgeon that you know or someone from your family and friend circle for recommendations can yield out positive results.
  1. Daily Needs

One has to undertake daily activities like lifting, driving, and walking to be very basic. These activities surely get the adequate support from prosthetic hands and offer to deliver the best fit for every limb. You can choose the sockets, prosthetic hands and silicone liners that can be used in locking combinations, to suit your daily requirements.

  1. Capable of Lifting


In a scenario where the body suffers an injury on the shoulder or bicep, it may make lifting and holding an arduous task; even if the mass of the object is not much. An above the elbow prosthetic device enables the arm to perform such tasks of lifting or holding a small load.

  1. Reflexes

An amputated arm suffers the loss of ability to respond to a reflex stimulus. Stimulus like pin pricking, or feeling an extremely hot or cold surface, or sudden withdrawal from a potential hazard are registered in the brain.


  • The brain sends the signals to the respective body parts. Due to reduced strength or weak limbs the body part may fail to perform the withdrawal action. But with the prosthetic device installed the body part would have the necessary support to perform the reflex action.

Using prosthetic devices calls for their care and maintenance to ensure the smooth functioning. One can follow steps like:

  1. Cleaning the prosthetics limbs as per the guidelines of the maker.
  2. Use antibacterial soap for cleaning the socket.
  3. Insert socks to adjust the size and make a comfort fit.

With proper care and efficient maker, the use of prosthetic hands can be the best thing that may happen after the amputation.

Chop Art AmputationĀ : Prosthetic Hand

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