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Benefits of Peas

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People often consider peas as a cheap green vegetable that is commonly used to garnish your food in some restaurants. But, if we think about the nutritive elements that they provide, we can consider them as the powerhouse of different nutrition.

How do peas help in maintaining good health:

1. Reducing weight: Peas have a fat content that is low and is considered to be a type of food that has low calories, this helps in reducing and maintaining weight.

2. Curing Cancerous cells in the stomach: These little balls have the capability to avoid severe diseases like cancer.The peas have a polyphenol content named Coumestrol that helps in preventing cancer.

3. Improves Immunity: They contain high level of antioxidants. These antioxidants help in preventing reactions that may be caused which may result in severe diseases.The abundance of iron, zinc, etc. in peas helps in improving the immunity of the body.

4. Helps in treating aging issues: Peas have flavonoids, epicatechin, alpha-carotene, carotenoid, etc that helps in preventing the aging process. These antioxidants makes your skin look bright and gives shine.

5. Regulates Blood Sugar: Proteins in the peas is highly responsible for regulating the sugar content in the blood. The fibrous content and proteins in the peas make the digestion of sugar slow, thereby, regulating sugar count.

6. Added advantage for pregnant women: Peas have the highest content of folic acid. They have B-complex vitamins essential for DNA synthesis.The correct quantity of folate in pregnant women helps to prevent the problems that can arise in the tube of the newborn.

7. Helps in digestion: The  fiber content improves the metabolic activity of the cells and thereby, improves digestion.

8. Improves Eye-Sight: Abundance of lutein, carotenes,Zea-xanthin and vitamin-A in peas helps in improving the eyesight. Vitamin-A keeps the mucous membrane of the eye healthy and thereby improving the eyesight.

9. Prevents wrinkles: The antioxidants present in the peas helps in preventing wrinkles.The Anti-inflammatory properties found in peas along with the presence of antioxidants also avoids Osteoporosis.

10. Fights Alzheimer’s: Alzheimers is one of the dangerous diseases that is getting very common to people who are 50 years or above. Vitamin-K present in peas helps in preventing Alzheimer’s to a great extent. A continuous consumption of peas in your diet reduces the damage to the neuronal part of the brain.

Not only peas have health benefits regular consumption of  them can be an added advantage to your skin. Here are some of the skin benefits:

1. Advantages of Vitamin C: Peas have Vitamin C that produces Collagen that helps in tightening the skin thereby keeping it firm. Peas even prevent any damage caused to the cells by radicals that are free.

2. Treats Swelling: During the winter season when the temperature drops your legs and hands swell. To get rid of this swelling boil a cup of peas, strain it, mix one teaspoon of sesame oil and soak the parts that have to swell in for a little time. This will help in reducing swelling and the discomfort that arises because of it.

Benefits on hair:
Hair follicles need essential nutrients for their growth and improving the texture.

1. Preventing hair loss: hair follicles need Vitamin C for optimum growth. Peas have an abundance of Vitamin c and help in preventing hair loss. It helps in controlling the brittle and dry texture of hair.

According to what Andrew says peas can either be cooked or eaten raw. But make sure you rinse them thoroughly. They are not just good in taste but also have many nutrients associated with them. Buy them and benefit yourself in all aspects.

Dr. Asa Andrew :

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