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Pros And Cons Of Onsite TESOL Certification Program

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TESOL Certification Course, both online and onsite, is geared towards achieving the same goal in two different environments. The objective is to make you the more qualified and effective English instructor than you desired to be. But, maximum candidates prefer an onsite certificate program over TESOL Certification online owing to a number of reasons.

Acquiring a certificate through traditional classroom learning gives you an opportunity to make the most of instructor’s flexibility, knowledge, leadership and insight. Hence, the term instructor-led training is coined for the classroom training, as the knowledge and experience of instructor can improve or decline the quality of the training. Along with the pros, there are some cons associated with the onsite certificate program. Check out how good or bad an onsite program is.

Pros And Cons Of Onsite TESOL Certification Program


Lets first look through the pros of onsite TESOL Certificate program.

  • Helps Build Connections

Anyone who aspires to hold a good job in the nation he/she is pursuing the TESOL Certificate Program needs to build a strong network. This is because, it becomes quite daunting to apply for teaching jobs if you are not personally present at the place. On the other hand, your presence can maximize the benefits and the chances of grabbing the position. Even the institutes offering TESOL Certification have connections with language schools in the vicinity that can assist you get a good job. In addition, you can also get in touch with the people in the same field.

  • Learn In Real Environment

Actual teaching and observation hours are two of the most important components of this method that not only make you learn skills, but also grow as an ESL teacher. As each country has a distinctive system, it is important to understand things by being there. An onsite program gives candidates an actual crash course of the system and an opportunity to attend classes with the peer group.

  • More Opportunities For Practicum

Many institutes already have partnerships with local organizations and schools, which gives candidates more opportunities to test their knowledge when enrolled in the onsite program in contrast to online TESOL certification. More the opportunities to participate in the practicum classes, better will be the chance to build confidence quickly and learn more skills.

  • Training In The Local Language

TESOL Certification course when done abroad may comprise of training in the local language, which actually comes up as a sweet bonus and can contribute in broadening your career prospects.


As there is always two sides of a coin, an onsite TESOL certificate program is also accompanied by some cons which are mentioned below.

  • Overall Cost

The cost is undeniably the biggest and most important determining factor and it cannot be denied that the onsite certificate program costs you more than an online program. Even though instruction costs the same, a candidate has to spend comparatively a hefty amount on food, accommodation and other living expenses.

  • Unsure Of The Quality

When distant, all that you can learn about the TESOL Certificate program is from the information available on the website (if any) and reviews or feedback of the former teachers. It is to be noted that the details which you gather by doing intensive Googling gives you an idea of the course and does not assure you of the quality of the course. Hence, prior to moving to another country and spending a huge amount as course fee, it is very important to check the legitimacy and accreditation of the program.

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