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Photo Apps You Need To Start Using To Boost Your Blog Traffic

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Visual elements are becoming an increasingly important part of every blog. So much so, that articles with images get more than 90 percent of total views, compared to the ones with bare text. It is clear that we are living in an age when every blogger also has to be part photographer and part graphic designer. The overall visual appearance of a blog is the main criterion for determining credibility of the presented material.

To stand out in the sea of bloggers on the web, you will have to pay more attention to visual elements. Luckily, technology has made everything easier for aspiring bloggers who do not want to rely on plain text. Photo processing was also made much easier by different photo apps that can elevate a simple photograph to a real artwork.

If you find it tiresome to browse through thousands of offered apps, we present you our top three.

Google Camera

It is obvious that no list of top apps is complete without a Google-developed one. Once again Google has made a quality application for smartphones. It allows an amateur photographer to create stunning pictures without too much effort and time invested in learning.

Photo Apps You Need To Start Using To Boost Your Blog Traffic

The app comes with five modes, including Regular Camera Mode, Video Mode, Photosphere Mode, Panorama Mode and Lens Blur Mode. The latter is the best option offered by this app. It is actually quite a popular “trick” used by photographers with DSLR cameras to draw more attention to the subject of the image by blurring the background, while keeping the subject sharply focused.

If you manage to get a good shot, Panorama Mode and Photosphere Mode can make some pretty awesome stuff. It is a well designed application with a simple-to-use interface.


If you are looking for the best free photo app out there, you should look no further than EyeEm. By installing it you will get a streamlined and fluid app experience, great design tools and photo sharing option. It is quite similar to Instagram, but with better looking design and a community of 15 million photographers using it. The app includes image level tools, grid, exposure correction, 24 adjustable filters, saturation, contrast, sharpening, fade, and more fine-tune and editing options.

Photo Apps You Need To Start Using To Boost Your Blog Traffic

There are also 9 real-time filters which will enable you to see what your photo will look like before you even take it. Not only that, it even learns what you love and picks up similar content. Another cool feature is the insight into the world of photography – advice, tricks and tips about photographing and editing, which are really useful, especially for bloggers who are just starting their journey into the world of visuals.

When you master photography and get your own amazing shots, by using this app, you will be able to sell your own artwork. An especially important fact for bloggers is that EyeEm is very well integrated with social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr or Tumblr, so you will be able to promote your artwork much easier and faster.

Simply B&W

Black and white photography is just one more indicator that classic never gets old. It is the perfect tool to draw attention to some meaningful image on your blog. By enhancing things, such as contrasts and shadows, you will be able to display so much more than with hundreds of colors. As a famous photographer, Ted Grant, once said “When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!”

It is true that other photo apps have black & white filters, but Simply B&W gives you the simplicity which is the entire essence of this kind of photography. Besides enabling you to adjust contrast, shadows, brightness and sharpness, this app includes few templates, which are lightening and darkening certain colors by default. You also have the option of adding vignette and filters.

Photo Apps You Need To Start Using To Boost Your Blog Traffic

It is no longer a question of whether you will add images to your articles, everyone is already doing it. Sure, you can purchase or download some photos for free, but in the end, your followers will appreciate your own shots much more, and it will contribute to your credibility and popularity.

You do not even need a DSLR camera to achieve stunning professional-looking results, so there are no excuses not to step up the game. With the help of these few apps, you will be able to take and process photos on-the-fly and share them online almost immediately.

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