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Online Newspapers: Evolution or Revolution

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These days, more and more sectors have adopted e-commerce techniques for their working. Digitalization has brought immense changes in society. Literally, digitalization means to employ digital technologies to change a business model and provide value-creating opportunities. Transformation of traditional methods to online methods can be easily visible in various areas of life.

Nowadays, people can easily purchase things anytime and from any place within no time. Not only customers but also retailers can easily reach the customers with the help of online platform. The impact of digitalization has touched various industries like education, health, telecom, fashion and media industry etc.

Talking about media industry, it is found that there are so many ways the media industry has been undergoing this digital transformation. It has changed the way of delivering news to the people. Earlier, it used to deliver news and information only through hard copy but now it is available in digitized form. Digital content can be any text, audio, video, image or graphics. In fact, the hindi news and information that are presented on website and can be transmitted through internet are digital news. The content which can be transmitted over internet is called digitized.

Online Newspapers: Evolution or Revolution

As media persons have got so many tools to work, their working style has also changed. Now they can report about the court hearings from their mobile phones. Even if they don’t carry cameras all the times, they can click photos and make videos through smart phones. The social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook help them to track popular people and share their information too. If they want to discuss any information with each other, they can do it through video conferencing with people sitting at multiple locations.

Although there is revolution in media industry but online newspapers will take few more years to reach that level. Undoubtedly, the online newspaper is an evolved form of traditional newspaper. With the online newspapers, one can read news anytime with few clicks. The online newspapers have brought the world in our hands as one can access information from their mobile phones too. You don’t need to wait for the next day to read any news. People get the latest updates as the e-newspapers offer news on real-time basis.

With the digital newspapers, users can read news at zero cost. Digital newspapers also facilitate multitasking, access to different viewpoints and opportunity to share the views. The advent of digital newspapers is an evolution as they have broken geographical barriers. Nowadays, people like to subscribe online newspapers because they offer information faster. In fact, many newspapers have started online version of their newspapers. Many small and big newspapers have evolved their way of working by launching online newspapers. Hence, it could be said that online newspaper is kind of evolution and will gradually bring revolution in the world. is an online hindi newspaper. This online newspaper provides news and information to its readers with just few clicks. On accessing this newspaper, the readers find all the information related to business, politics, entertainment, sports and lifestyle on website. This Jaipur based digital newspaper offers authentic news to the readers.

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