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Obstacles To Recovery: Tackling Issues That Undermine Success

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The process of recovery involves a number of steps and challenges that, when tackled appropriately, will ultimately lead to success. However, the road is not always a smooth one, and the individuals bring their own particular issues to drug and alcohol treatment centers as they work toward sobriety. Ensuring that the drug and alcohol treatment programs have specialized services to manage these issues can be a critical point in an addict’s success.

Alcoholism’s Special Problems

Substance abusers who use alcohol as their drug of choice often have long-standing abuse problems that require a thorough understanding of their behavior, the reasons they drink and the occasions that facilitate alcohol use. Because alcohol is so ubiquitous in society, these patients must learn new behaviors to allow them to maintain sobriety. A specialized alcohol treatment program helps these patients to determine their “triggers” for alcohol abuse and to learn new techniques to deal with the pressures that cause them to continue drinking. These patients may also have to deal with legal and family problems that have occurred because of their past alcohol abuse. Understanding these problems, and helping the patient find ways to deal with them emotionally, results in a greater chance of success in their recovery.

Obstacles To Recovery Tackling Issues That Undermine Success

Specialized Drug Treatment

Drug abuse treatment centers should have programs that focus on specific problems associated with certain substances. Individuals who are addicted to heroin often have certain problems with detoxification and maintaining sobriety. Similarly, a cocaine rehab center can deal with the issues related to this type of substance abuse. In addition, these patients have health problems related to their specific substance abuse that must also be addressed in order to help them on their journey to a normal life.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Drug treatment experts are beginning to understand that mental health issues often have a significant effect on substance abuse and the ability to achieve a successful recovery. Conditions such as depression, anxiety and schizophrenia may trigger substance abuse in an attempt to manage symptoms. In addition, the substance addictions can worsen the mental health condition. Separating the mental health problem from the substance abuse problem can require significant time and exploration. Mental health inpatient treatment centers often provide the comprehensive diagnostic treatment for these issues so that substance abuse programs can achieve a successful outcome. A good treatment program for these patients should also include directing them to behavioral health services in their communities after rehab to help them manage their condition and maintain their sobriety on a daily basis.

Treatment and Domestic Abuse Issues

Women often have specific concerns about getting help for drug and alcohol problems, as finding affordable drug rehab can be a particular problem. They may also have concerns about child care or domestic abuse that can complicate their rehabilitation. These women often require intensive outpatient drug rehab centers that allow them to continue their treatment while still providing care for their families. An understanding of how their substance abuse intimately affects every facet of their lives is necessary to aid them in recovery.

The Importance of Inpatient Treatment

An inpatient treatment center offers the most potential for separating the patient from past substance abuse habits so goals can be redefined for the future. The concentrated work that occurs in an inpatient treatment facility allows these patients to put distance between themselves and their past behavior, without the distractions of their everyday activities. They can then fully prepare for their return to normal life with stronger tools to resist the discouragement and relapse that often occur.

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