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Nail Gel Lifting – Tips To Applying And Maintaining Longevity

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In case you may care to know about gel polish lifting – or what it is (some of us are sure to be listening to this for first time). Never mind, the next few lines has all the answers to your heartfelt queries.

Gel Polish Lifting in simple language, is the wearing off (in upper motion) the nail gel polish that has been applied to your finger. You’re likely going to discover this practice of applying nail polishes on nails of the fingers and toes by the female folks in the quest to beautify their nails. More so, aside the beautification of nails, applying nail gel polishes on the nails is also of a great advantage to the nails in so many ways. One can easily say easy it also serves as nutrient to the nails by helping it grow longer, keeping it secured.

 Maintaining Longevity

Is Your Nail Polish Lifting almost at all application?

If your nail polish is lifting all the time, it’s a sign that there is a problem somewhere! It certainly means you’re not getting it right in application in one way or the other. Unquestionably, its sure I can’t predict the way you’re going about with the practice, but below is a checklist of methods to which you have to cater for the nails. From the nail gel polish pre-application practices the after-application maintenance.

Ensure you have a good nail gel polish

A lot of people pass through the challenges of purchasing the wrong product, brand or even type of nail polish. Buying a genuine nail polish matters a lot, it’s not necessarily advisable to go for the very exorbitant ones, but at least, ensuring that you’re buying a trusted product or brand sums it all up. In addition, Low quality nail gel polishes are sure to wear or lift few days after the initial application. Regardless of the level of maintenance and care.

Ensure to clean the nails with alcohol

Before starting the entire process, the pre-application procedures include cleansing of the nail. Use chemicals like rubbing alcohol to cleanse your nail and ensure it is properly clean without any impediment on it to disrupt stay of the gel.

Ensure to trim nail with file to ensure unison in shape

When the front edge of your nail is in a zigzag shape before application of the nail gel polish, there is every possibility that you won’t wanna leave it like that so it doesn’t spoil the beauty of the nail gel. In this case, the idea is to keep other activities aside and trim your nail. Ensure that all the surface of the nail is properly cut equally with a nail cutter, or better still, a nail file. Once done, smooth-en properly with a nail smoother- then proceed to the next step.

Ensure the Surface of Nail is Filed, Cleansed and dried

Aside the edges of the nails, touch right there at the top surface of your nails and rub your fingers with ease on it. There is no doubt, you will discover the smoothness of the surface — smooth surfaces can cause a lift to the nails. So make sure that you file, cleanse and properly dry the surface of the nail before lightly applying the nail polishes on it.

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