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Mountain Biking Without The Exhaustion

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Mountain biking is an incredibly exciting activity that is great for your health as well as your mood. Evidence has shown that exercise and exposure to fresh air can actually boost your mood. When you are exercising, staying active, and getting out in the world, you could see your health improve both physically and psychologically. Mountain biking has many great benefits to your health, and it is also just plain fun. However, it has two major drawbacks. For one, mountain biking can be simply exhausting. Biking up and down hills is exercise. Since it’s work, it can get very tiring. If you find that you are running out of energy before you run out of mountain, you need to find a way to remedy that. Secondly, some mountain bikes are great at biking through mountains, but they’re not always great for city riding. They might be inefficient at riding through the city because they have very soft shocks for navigating mountains or because the tyres are knobby for rough terrain. Here is a solution.

Mountain Biking Without The Exhaustion

Electric Mountain Bikes

An electric mountain bike is not like an electric motorcycle. It doesn’t do all the work for you. These are often called pedal-assist bicycles. When you have energy, you can pedal under your own power. That will allow you to get your exercise and work up a sweat. However, if you get tired, you can then engage the electric motor to take some of the pressure off you. Some people choose to engage the pedal-assist before they even get too tired. They’ll engage the motor to go up hills so that they can stave off exhaustion. The Avatar electric mountain bike is a great example of a pedal-assist mountain bike. It has several features that are important for a mountain bike.

The motor in the bicycle is hidden in the frame, and this is great for two reasons. First, no one has to know that you are using a pedal-assist bike. Secondly, it keeps the motor protected from the dangers of the mountain. When the motor is in the frame of the bicycle, it is not jostled by the bumps and shocks of riding through the mountains, and it saves some space in the frame. Since it saves space in the frame and streamlines the shape of the bicycle, it is also a great city bike.

Great City Bicycle

A great city bicycle needs to be lightweight and manoeuvrable so that you can easily navigate the city. A heavier bicycle is more difficult to pedal. The added weight is not necessarily noticeable when you pedal once, but over the course of your daily commute, you’ll definitely notice that it is much more work. Also, you will need to be able to navigate your bicycle up and down curbs. A sturdy mountain bike is most suited for going up and down curbs, over potholes, and through city streets. An electric motor helps you through this pursuit by making it much easier for you to pedal. If you’ve ever shown up to work sweaty and tired after your commute, you know how important this is.

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