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Mixology: Mixing Up Your Drink Menu

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Aside from food, the drink menu is another important aspect of your event. Drinks make people talk and share a conversation, may they be good friends or new acquaintances.

It is also a great accompaniment for food. Especially for formal events, the drinks should be well thought of so that they match the food that will be served.

However, drink selection is not easy. It should fit the type of event that you are having. You have to make sure that your drink menu satisfies the desires of your guests, without exceeding your budget.

Here are some suggestions to spice things up with your drink menu:

  1. Offer a wide selection of flavors

Also make sure that you give them options. Again, there are certain drinks that go with certain types of food. So, double check on your food menu and make sure that the drinks that will be served will be a great match.

The different flavors could also be good conversation starters for the guests, may they be children or adults. Imagine children comparing different flavors like mango, strawberry or peach, and having a conversation about which flavor they like the most. That could happen with adults, too.

  1. Make it unique.

If possible, serve drinks with unique flavors and colors. Different colors alone would spark the intrigue of your guests and they will be curious to try the colorful drinks. If the people will like the flavor along with their color, one of their fond memories will include discovering that special drink in your event.

  1. Include non-alcoholic and hot drinks.


It may sound boring, but you should also include non-alcoholic drinks in your drink menu. Not everyone enjoys drinking alcoholic drinks; other people would still have to drive back to their homes after your party. Just spice them up by having different colors or with the presentation.

Hot drinks would also be helpful to other people. A good coffee or tea will be appreciated by the guests who are not keen on cold-served drinks. Some people choose to drink coffee or tea, instead of having dessert, to help with the food metabolism. So, make sure to include this in the menu.

Taking note of these tips will make your drinks more memorable for your guests, which will result into fun and excitement in your events. However, do not go over the top. Make sure when to put the limits so that your guests will not be overwhelmed as well. Now, start looking at drink options and make yourself and your guests delighted in your drink menu.

Written by bleu events, one of the top catering companies Columbia, MO has to offer.

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