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Maintain Your Home Systems

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If all home improvement just meant new paint and fabrics, creative people would love it. However, there is more to home improvement than changing the wall color and drape pattern. Most current homes of today have several home systems that need to be maintained. Taking care of those systems is home improvement and will save you lots of money, time and frustration.

Heating and Cooling

Replacing a furnace, air conditioner or heat pump can be an expensive purchase. These systems seem to fail at the worst possible times, too. Air conditioners only die when it feels like it is 150 degrees outside and furnaces work well until the winter approaches negative temperature nights.

Each of these systems will require their own maintenance programs. Some of the maintenance can be easily done by homeowners. However, professionals should be called in if the homeowner ever feels uncomfortable or ill-prepared to complete the maintenance.

The heat pump, for instance, will go through a 37 point diagnostic. A technician will complete the service in just under an hour, and will test everything from the coil to the reversing valve. Foreseeing any potential issues for system failure is something that can be done during the service, as well. This could save the homeowner in many ways.

Maintain Your Home Systems


Some homeowners might see that they have hard water. This can make your plumbing struggle. The naturally occurring minerals restrict water flow inside the pipes because they build up inside it. The minerals also corrode joints and fittings. To solve this issue, water softeners are often recommended.

If you find your pipes to be clogged, and not just reduced from the mineral deposits, you should avoid chemicals that are used to clear drains. These chemicals can weaken the pipes and fittings. You should choose to use a plumber’s snake instead. You may choose to hire a plumber to do this, but you could purchase a snake at the hardware store for about $20 and use it whenever you get a clog. This would end up saving a large amount of money.

Security System

Maintaining your personal safety measures is important. This can be done whether you have an electronic security system or have made simple improvements to your home to improve its safety. Most of maintaining any safety measures is simply observation. Make sure doors and window latches are secure. If you have sensors on the doors and windows, you need to make sure that they are doing well. If they are battery operated, you should check the battery power to make sure they are operable.

Check your outside lights. The wind can cause lights to shift slightly so that they aren’t shining exactly where you’d like. Over time, doors, windows and plantings are no longer illuminated. Also, you need to check the bulbs. Consider replacing traditional light bulbs with L.E.D. light bulbs that use less energy and last a significant amount of time longer. Clear dust, spider webs and bug nests from the fixtures to make sure the lights are working to their optimal level.

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