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Know The Procedure Of Sending A Legal Notice

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Modern day world witnesses many disputes between people related to money, land, property or other legal issues. Often these litigations require the filing of respected civil suit to carry forward the discussion in its rightful way. Usually, individuals, firms or any other entity straightway file a civil suit regarding the dispute but some prefer sending a legal notice in advance of the intentions of taking help of the competent jurisdiction. Some legislation demands the mentioning of a legal notice before the filing of any litigation, failing of which will make it illegal or bad before the eyes of the law. Therefore, before sending a legal notice it becomes extremely important to understand the meaning and concepts of it.

Know The Procedure Of Sending A Legal Notice

What is a Legal Notice?

A “Legal Notice” refers to a type of notice that indicates the opposition that you are going to press charges against it in case it fails to fulfill your demands.

Filing a Legal Notice Is Important

Often individuals and firms do not prefer to circle courts day in and out for the settlement of issues that can otherwise be settled with mutual understandings even before reaching the floor of trials.  The alternatives that are helpful in solving disputes before taking it to the court are:

  • Negotiations
  • Mediation; and
  • Arbitration

Dragging cases to the law residences often amount up to heavily expensive and time taking. The above-mentioned alternatives are often made use of for settling issues that do not require the filing of a suit in the court. Nobody is interested in wasting their money and circling courts for days for the settlement of an issue that can otherwise settle with mutual understandings. A new rule with firms in the contracts pre-mentions the procedure of settling a future upcoming issue through the process of arbitration.

However, in situations where these types of negotiations don’t work, the entity still does not need to directly file a suit against the opponent in the court of law. The respective entity may lease a legal notice to the opponent stating clear his intentions of preparing to knock the doors of the court in case the opposition doesn’t fulfill its demands.

Contents of a Legal Notice

Drafting a legal notice appropriately is extremely important. A legal notice must hold the following contents:

  • Facts leading to the claim in a concise statement
  • Solution stated by the litigant against all defendant
  • Legal concise summary of the sought relief.

Complete statements for the reason for which the suit is filed along with the defendant’s name and role, the reliefs to the statements and a summary of the ways it can be solved is deemed to be mentioned in a lawsuit.

Legal notices can only be filed in a civil case. For example, a legal notice for recovery of money or sending a legal notice to the tenant for failing to pay the required rent in time. Criminal cases do not require a legal notice as those matters are directly taken up by the court of law.

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