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Cramps before Period? Do not Ignore.

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Before a period, a female must suffer some discomforts such as light abdominal pains, backache.etc, In addition, the most terrible feeling is cramping. Cramps before period seem to become a challenge towards a girl or women. In this article, let find out it more about this symptom.

  1. What is cramping?

Cramping is a painful and involuntary contraction of muscles. Cramps can occur in any muscle, but the most common is still muscle in the calf and foot.

When having cramps, one may suffer mild convulsions. Often, cramps cause a sudden and severe pain in nearby muscles.

Cramps can last from a few seconds to several minutes later. Cramps may only relate to a part of the muscle mass, even the entire muscle mass, or some interlocking muscle, such as the joints of fingers or toes.

Not occurring in females like cramps before period, normal muscle cramps are very common. It is estimated that 95% people have experienced a cramp. It is becoming more and more frequent when you are at the aging stage. However, children often have cramps.

Cramping makes people an uncomfortable feeling, but this one becomes more and more terrible when a female must suffer cramps before period.

  1. Cramps before period

Cramps before period are caused by normal contractions of the uterus. Most of females do not know the moment of the contractions because it can occur at any time. At the duration of menstruation, the contractions are often more serious.

Uterine contractions are caused by prostaglandins. Prostaglandin, which is a natural substance of the body, cause uterine contractions. Strong contractions make the blood supply to the uterus temporarily slow, taking oxygen from the muscle of the uterus that causes you severe pains

  1. Treatment of cramps before period

The pain of cramps before period that is caused to females make the XX always try their best to relieve. Below are some common treatments for this symptom that are believed to able to help females.

  • A suitable diet

Reducing foods which are low in fat and increasing the vegetables in the diet can help ease the cramps before period. This diet also enhances your overall health.

  • Use a warm pack

Using warm packs is considered as one of the most effective remedies for painful cramps before period. You can simply use a warm towel to apply pressure on the lower abdomen.

  • Drink tea

Using tea is a traditional method that can bring a high efficiency. Some types of tea can help relieve cramps before period. The reason is that some types of tea can act as estrogen. To make sure, you may also ask a doctor first.

  • Vitamin B1 supplement

One way to reduce cramps before period is to use fish oil, vitamin B1. You can also add two vitamins to reduce the painful symptoms of cramps.

  • Use painkillers

In case of cramps before period that make you severe pain, you can use a prescription painkiller. Absolutely no use pain relievers without consulting your doctor.

  • Acupuncture

Acupuncture can help reduce cramps by helping to relax the nervous system. It is also believed that acupuncture has anti-inflammatory effects. However, to make sure the safety of this method, a good advice for you is to go to the reputable clinic, medical facilities to ensure safety.

  • Go to hospital if the pain gets worse

If your condition is getting worse, it is better to contact your doctor for the best advice. You should also ask your doctor if your cramps before period last over 2-3 days.

Above are things you, especially females, have to know about cramps before period. Pay attention to the smallest sign of your body to have timely solutions.


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