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John Binkley Dallas – A CEO With In-depth Knowledge Of Mergers & Acquisitions

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Selling a business is always difficult and especially when it is a dream venture. Small business owners face the heat most because they do not have an idea or are too naïve to estimate the right value of their business. They also lack the will to hire a professional from a merger and acquisition firm to facilitate the whole process. However, there is no dearth of such firms, and among them, Generational Equity stood tall with its proven track record of helping innumerable small and mid-size business owners in selling and merging their business with others.

Behind the achievements of the reputed Texas firm, there is the immense contribution of its CEO – John Binkley who with his never-to-say-die attitude faces every challenge head on and encourages his employees to deliver an outstanding performance. John Binkley Dallas possesses an in-depth knowledge of mergers and acquisitions along with selling which has helped him a lot to grow his firm from scratch. He is also associated with the operations of many other companies in the state of Texas in the United States of America. It is his vast knowledge that prompts colleges and educational institutions worldwide to invite him to deliver lectures and attend seminars.

John Binkley Dallas - A CEO With In-depth Knowledge Of Mergers & Acquisitions

Services offered under John Binkley’s leadership

List of services offered by the Merger and Acquisition firm Generational Equity to serve its vast clientele under his able leadership are the following ones:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
    • International M&A Team
    • Strategic acquisitions
    • Management buyouts
    • Structuring & negotiating transactions
  • Financial opinions
    • Fairness opinions
    • Valuation opinions
    • Estate and gift tax
  • Advisory services
    • Exit Strategy planning
    • Preparation of selling memoranda
    • Coordinating closing related activity
    • Identify potential buyers and acquisition targets

A comprehensive approach to M & A

John Binkley Dallas makes sure that his team members follow a comprehensive approach to the process of merger and acquisitions. This starts from signing an engagement agreement to get exclusive rights of marketing the client company.  He continuously brainstorms with the buyers to understand their expectations and to identify which one could be most interested in buying or merging with his client’s company. He takes into his consideration every kind of buyer including offshore entities and individuals with a high net worth.  A buyer list is then prepared and team members are motivated to send a profile letter to each in which the client’s company is projected in a good light. Of course, there is never any exaggeration in terms of business value as this, in the long run, cost a company’s credibility in the market. Soon, a single buyer is select among multiple bidders. John Binkley personally ensures to make a good deal to optimize the returns. In this entire process, his excellent negotiation skills come handy. Sometimes, it happens that buyers are not interested in buying the client’s business. In such a case, their attention is drawn towards the same by making efforts to enhance its business value.

So, small and medium-sized business owners who need help regarding selling or merger of their business can contact John Binkley Dallas.

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