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Joe Cianciotto – 3 Key Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Need to Invest in Advertising

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Small entrepreneurs may be wondering whether it is worthwhile to invest their money in an advertisement campaign. These proprietors generally operate their businesses on a shoe-string budget. They cannot afford to indulge in wasteful expenditure. Otherwise, the owners will not be in a position to make ends meet.

Nevertheless, experts specializing in this field point out that advertising is an essential aspect of their marketing strategy. It enables them to promote their brand products or services to a large target audience. Only then can these businessmen expect a surge in sales. This, in turn, results in a corresponding increase in their revenues and profits.

Joe Cianciotto – Do small entrepreneurs really need to invest in advertising?

Joseph Cianciotto is currently the executive creative director at Translation, a popular advertisement agency in New York. Prior to this appointment, he has held important positions in organizations like D’Arcy Worldwide and DDB NY. These posts include Vice President, Chief Digital Officer, and Creative Director. His contemporaries consider him to be a specialist when it comes to advertising through print, visual, and social media. In fact, he has offered his services to prominent Fortune 500 companies, Electrolux, Glidden, Reebok, and Diet Pepsi. In recognition of his invaluable services advertising, he has won many prestigious industry awards.

Joe Cianciotto explains that small entrepreneurs need to invest their money in suitable advertisement campaigns. Only then can they expect to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. He points out the following important reasons for taking such a step:

  1. Boost brand loyalty

Advertising enables entrepreneurs to enhance the brand image of their products in the market. With the right advertising platforms, they use certain phrases and images to influence the minds of their target audience. Only then do these consumers get to know what type of goods these businessmen are selling. Many of them may even take the initiative to buy these products at a reasonable price. This is how these proprietors build their client base and boost brand loyalty in the market niche with time.

  1. Generates awareness of new products

Consumers normally become aware of the new products entrepreneurs launch in the market through advertisement. The buyers get to know the prices, specification, and purpose for which they use such goods. This influences their decision on whether to purchase them or not. They will only buy from the company if their products meet their needs. Awareness also helps customers be aware of the existence of the products and services in the market.

  1. Boosts sales

Consumers tend to buy the products entrepreneurs are offering to sell them after seeing their advertisements. This leads to an increase in sales for these businessmen over time. They find more money flowing into their businesses. These proprietors can then use the funds to expand their commercial operations in the market. Only then can they see a significant increase in profits.

Joe Cianciotto states that entrepreneurs who do not invest in advertising ultimately lose out to their competitors. This is not the type of situation these businessmen want to face. Investing in advertisement can help the proprietors increase their sales and expand their client base. Only then do they witness an increase in their profits with success!

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