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Chalong Muay Thai For Lose Weight In Thailand

2 Mins read

There are more and more weight loss strategies on the internet and sometimes we don’t really know which one works. There are hundreds of diets, many different applications you can download, and plenty of health and fitness programs that advertise you will lose weight instantly. However, that is not always the case. Losing weight and maintaining your shape could be one of the hardest challenges, and most people drop a few pounds just to gain them once again.

Then, you probably read about Muay Thai or recently saw a martial arts academy teaching this discipline for weight loss, and you start wondering if it is true. Well, let’s dig a bit into what Muay Thai really is.

Muay Thai is a discipline from Thailand, and it is actually practiced by a wide number of Thai people. It is part of the culture in the country, but far from being a national martial art, it has become a worldwide trend in the world of fitness.

This martial art is also known as the art of the eight limbs because, unlike many others, it involves moving your whole body instead of your upper or lower limbs. When you’re practicing this discipline, you become more flexible and learn how to use your whole body in a succession of strikes. This will definitely help you work out all of your body at the same time instead of focusing in your arms or legs.

Another feature of Muay Thai that is important to mention is that it combines aerobic and anaerobic movements. You will not only become tired and sweat, but train your muscles and increase your strength in the process.

With all of this in mind, we will address the question of whether or not you will lose weight with Muay Thai. The answer is a positive yes, as long as you eat accordingly. Muay Thai is a complete discipline that involves cardio and bodyweight movements, and it will work out your cardiovascular system and your muscles at the same time. This is what you need to stay healthy, live longer, and look fit.

It is a powerful boost to your health because it will increase the capacity of your heart and lungs, make you connect with your body and mind, and even reduce your levels of glucose and fat in the blood. Additionally, it is fun and interactive. You will be having a good time with your friends and will learn self-defense in the process.

That is why many people are learning at Chalong Muay Thai in Thailand, and if you’re interested in this discipline, try it out in one of our training camps. We are devoted to teaching this discipline and make it a fun experience, one that you will never forget. There are Muay Thai training camps all over Thailand, and we are all devoted to a program focused on regaining your health and achieving the body of your dreams. Don’t forget to check at for Muay Thai courses. So, schedule your appointment and you will never get back to boring cardio.

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