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Introduce Yourself To Vegan Food With A Detox

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Veganism has risen in popularity greatly in the last decade with more and more mainstream vegan restaurants, food ranges and clothing brands starting up. Whether you’re looking to get into veganism to help reduce global warming, you are against cruelty to animals or just want to move away from meat and animal products, there are definitely a lot more options for you in 2022 than ever before. For someone who has never eaten vegan food before, it can be a bit daunting, and before doing your research in to it you may think that your options are very limited. The industry has worked hard to bring out a lot of the foods you know well in a meat-free format, so you can have bacon, cheese, sausages, chicken, fish and much more! Obviously the taste isn’t the same and will take some getting used to but it makes it easier to adapt to a new diet having things you can recognise that form parts of your daily meals.


Try A Vegan Detox

Becoming vegan for a month has become very popular in recent years thanks to ‘Veganuary’, effectively encouraging people to detox after their Christmas blowout in December and cleanse their body. Whilst veganism has its positives and negatives in terms of needing supplements to substitute certain vitamins you might be lacking due to lack of meat and dairy, it does encourage you to have more of a plant based diet which in turn is healthier in the short term and will definitely aid weight loss. The easiest time of the year to try a meat free month would actually be in the spring or summer when the days are warmer and you naturally want to eat more salads, vegetables and fresher things. January is a time of the year when it is cold and dark and isn’t best suited to that kind of lifestyle change. To introduce yourself to this new form of diet and to give you an idea on different types of recipes you could opt for, a vegan meal prep company who prepares fresh meals and delivers them to your door could be a good option. From here you will get an idea of what you like and don’t like and that can inform the rest of your diet.


Would A Vegan Lifestyle Suit You

While vegan food and vegan culture in general has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, it is still a big impact on your life, going out for meals isn’t as simple and checking ingredients in items of what you buy from the supermarket can be extra hassle. If after doing a one month trial of it, it is something that you can see yourself doing longer term then great. For others it might just be a matter of trying to go vegan a couple of days per week. Either way, reducing your reliance on meat and making it more of a luxury is both good for the planet and your health, a varied diet is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Bare in mind if you are looking to go vegan full time that it is essential to do your research in terms of vitamins and supplements that you need to take, it can be very common for people with vegan diets to develop anaemia and calcium deficiencies due to the lake of dairy products and meat. This shouldn’t put you off though as there are plenty of help guides to show you the best supplements to take to ensure you stay healthy. 

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