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International Boat Shipping Company

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For those wealthy and successful people who have a yacht but at the same time they need it to be transported very quickly and on the far destination we are offering just the service you require. Cigisped Company has been on the market for about 20 years and for that matter you can clearly see that you will get a quality and the top-class service of ship delivery in Dubai. We have a head-quarter in Dubai but at the same time we have various offices all over the globe.

International Boat Shipping Company

Our professional members of a team are experienced well and have being moving yachts for a very long time. For that matter we can provide our dedicated customers with such services as yacht transportation to long distances, container-bound transportation and also motor boat delivery.

Our company is proud to offer you lift cargo transportation of your floating vessel or charter shipping. In order for you to get acquainted with our company and realize profoundly what kind of service we offer to our clients we have completed a list of services.

  • Lift on and lift off yacht shipping service. This kind of service ought to be used for yacht or boat transportation mainly when your yacht is going to be delivered on the deck of a certain vessel. If you are worrying about the security then you ought to remember that in this way of shipping your boat is going to be secured in a cradle, and moved with the help of special cranes. This method of yacht transportation is usually used for those particular kinds of boats that are longer than 55 feet.
  • Flat on and off method of transportation this way of transportation we usually use for extremely large and massive yachts. In order for you to understand the whole transporting service you have to know that this method also known as semi-submerge transportation of the vessel. The boat is going to be placed above the very cradle and the yacht will be totally secured this way, for sure.
  • Out of Gauge method, also known widely as OOG, is performed with the help of Flat rack. This way your boat or a motor-ship will be transported with a certain liner service. Keep in mind that OOG can also be used with boats and yachts that are no longer than 45 feet.
  • Break-bulk transportation method mainly is used when you need to transport a large yacht on a container or a liner service. Your boat will be transported either on the deck or the certain platform. Keep in mind that your yacht ought to be no bigger than 70 feet.
  • Roll on and roll off method of transportation. This kind of vessels that were made particular for roll on and off method of transportation has particular ramps that were built in so it should be more comfortable to transport your boat in harbor. The total height of your boat or yacht should be no bigger than 6 meters in general. Keep in mind that for this method of transportation your boat has to be around 60 feet.
  • Method of transportation with container. This way of transporting yachts and ships is totally very effective and at the same time it will help you to save some money, for sure. In order to plane your motorboat or any kind of yacht inside we need to use a container that will simplify the whole process of yacht transportation.

As you can see we use plenty of various methods for transporting boats and various ships. In order for us to decide what kind of shipping service will be the best we have to know the parameters and exact measurements of your yacht or boat. For that matter we ask you to specify exactly what kind of yacht do you have, where it`s located and other essential details. As soon as you will fill out the online form that is given on our website you will be able to discuss in advance all the shipping transporting information with our manager. In case you will have some additional questions on this topic we want you to ask them immediately. Our operators are willing to take any calls from clients 24/7. We want all our clients to be satisfied with the ending result and not be disappointed in any possible way.

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