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Instagram Analytic Tool Can Be A Great Choice For Musicians

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You must be accustomed with Instagram as general users or some big businesses. Now, the musicians can also rely on the analytic tools of the Instagram. According to the new reports, a new feature has been introduced which is known as the ‘Insights’. This advanced feature will provide information about the followers including their gender, location, age and the entire demography. Now, let us go through the benefits for the musicians.

Instagram Analytic Tool Can Be A Great Choice For Musicians

Timely Posts: Besides the analytics on the followers, this ‘Insights’ tool possesses analytics for posts. The users can determine the best time for posting the media files through this tool. It can also help the users to observe their targeted users and whether they are reaching towards the right audience.

Fan Location: With the proper demographic report, the musicians can easily locate their fans. Therefore, they can plan for their music concerts or music tours accordingly. You can also gain hourly or daily reports of the analytical data which can determine the numbers of new followers.

Post Views: This analytical tool can monitor the total number of times for which the post has been viewed. It can also help in determining the number of accounts who have viewed the posts. Sometimes in the author biography, you can find some web links. This new feature of the Instagram can also track how frequently the links have been clicked.

Top Posts: As a musician, you must be inquisitive about which were the top posts of the last week. This new feature can solve your problem by allowing you to observe all the top posts. You can obtain a clear vision about the posts which are working well and which are not. If you have any doubts, you can consult the experts from Instamacro to solve all your problems.

App with Engagement: The mobile app version has been launched long back in 2010. From then onwards, it has experienced growth and improvement. There are nearly 400 million users who are active with this app. It can be considered as the most engaging app which can convert the engagements into an excellent marketing power.

Space for Artists: Instagram is a great place for artists, be it popular musicians like Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Madonna or some emerging artists who are searching for a fan base.

Music Community: With the new music community in Instagram, the users can discuss various topics related to music. Starting from the lyrics, instruments, concerts, studio sessions, and the musicians can be provided with a great space within the community.

Specific Hash tags: The specific hash tags can provide with a lot of exposure to the music artists. With just six posts in a week, the accounts can easily be grouped into various categories. For example, #GuitarNotes, #DrumBeats, #DoubleTrack can provide exposure to those specific categories.

Monthly Projects: The music community also allows in participating in weekly or the monthly projects. The projects can include hash tags or company notes where the music followers can easily participate.

Engage More Users: With the new features of Instagram, you can engage more and more users depending on their interests. Instagram is not only involved with pictures and videos anymore. Recently it has widened up its scope to content as well with a news focused section known as the ‘Discover’.

As a whole, the analytics can provide you with a thorough look about various essential data which can be useful for a musician as well as a marketer. By developing a strong user engagement, the musicians can easily share videos and images in an effective manner. Though, presently a small percentage of users are having access to the analytical tools, they expect in widening up the Instagram audience within few months.

Author Bio: Derek Peterson is a well known social media professional in Instamacro. In this article, he talks about the benefits of the Instagram analytic tool for the musicians.

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