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Inspections to Invest In Before Moving Into Your New Home

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Inspecting your home before you move in can help you know what issues the house has and make sure the seller fixes them. You need to perform a few inspections in your new home before moving in. This will provide you with peace of mind as you take over ownership of the property. Some inspections you should perform before moving into your new home are as follows.

Radon and Lead Inspections

Radon is a colorless and odorless gas that occurs naturally in the environment. Unfortunately, this gas causes cancer, and even in low doses, long-term exposure can result in life-threatening complications. Because radon is so dangerous, all homes should have their levels tested regularly.

A radon test is the only way to determine whether levels are high or low. Fortunately, an inspector can assist you with this and provide paperwork to know the levels in your new home and how frequently you should test them. Furthermore, ensure that your inspector has performed a lead inspection. Failure to do so could lead to poisoning, leading to cancer and other deadly diseases.

Pest Infestation

There is no way to know for certain how many pests may be present in the home before you move in. However, if the property has a common pest problem, such as mice or roaches, and you did not resolve them, those issues will follow you into your new home. This means that an inspector will want to look for signs of infestation and determine if it requires any additional work to ensure that you don’t have these issues again.

Electrical System Check

Ensure the wiring is secure and properly grounded when inspecting an electrical system. It’s also a good idea to look for any potential issues with appliances or electrical outlets. While these are not serious issues, they can lead to fires if not addressed. An inspector will be able to tell you if there are any issues with your new home’s electrical system.

Plumbing System Inspections

One of the most important areas of your home that you must maintain is the plumbing system. If not addressed immediately, leaks can destroy floors and cause serious problems later on.

You should hire a licensed plumber for larger projects, such as repairs or changes to existing systems. On the other hand, an inspector will be able to tell you if there are any signs of leaks in your pipes and, if necessary, will recommend further action.

Wind Mitigation Rating System Inspection

Before purchasing a home, it is critical to determine whether it has a wind mitigation rating (WMR). Homes with this rating sustain less damage during hurricanes and other natural disasters.

These structures are built to withstand harsh weather conditions better than other homes. Homes without this rating can still get damaged or destroyed if bad weather hits, so having WMR certification is advantageous when selling or purchasing the property.

Final Remarks

An inspection before purchasing a home can be beneficial because it provides a clear picture of what the house requires and whether it is worthwhile to purchase. Hiring an inspector to check for the above specific aspects, on the other hand, can go a step further. It will also give you peace of mind that your home will be functional when you move in.

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