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Iceland Trekking Routs: Travelling Tips For Great and Strong-Minded

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There is a big icy island that is washed by the Atlantic Ocean. Iceland, the fairy country, is situated right there. The landscapes of Iceland look like landscapes from other planets. The tours to Iceland attract tourists with their original nature and fresh air. There are no harmful industrial establishments, production waste. The air and water is crystal clean. Bu the way, you can drink water just from the tap.

Iceland was born from the ancient song of ice and fire. That was the legend says. This is a place of sleeping volcanoes, lava fields, glorious mountains and ice-rivers with the snowy tops. The deep blue sky shines with different colors that are called North lights. The summer and spring attracts you with colorful rainbows and heavy rain. The main visiting card of the country is numerous geysers – water sources, pushing up the hot water and steam to the surface.

The geysers are 1-15 meters high. By the way, the popular Iceland geyser Geysir gave the name to all hot water fountains in all over the world. You can see not only geysers, but beautiful waterfalls. You can hire a car in Reykjavik and go to the nearest touristic camp for trekking. Of course, it is very interesting to explore Iceland on foot.

How did this happen?

Trekking Over the Iceland – Landing on Mars

This kind of travelling is the most interesting in Iceland. It lasts for 13 days. This is your chance to see the most beautiful and famous places of the country. The journey traditionally starts from Reykjavik- capital city. It is better to get there by plane. This is your chance to feel the severity of a climate and sunny days all together. The most popular touristic route in Iceland is Golden Circle. The circle includes all must see places in the country.

The excursion must be interesting: Geysers Valley, cascade waterfall, Tingvellir national park. These are the most beautiful places of the central Iceland. You can learn a lot of interesting things about the country special features, cultural and natural life. This is a big mistake to take pictures of Strokkur acting geyser that pulls out every 5-7 minutes. If the day is sunny, you can see the rainbow.

In short, travelling over the country on foot, you can see: the oldest geysers Geysir and Strokur, beautiful waterfalls of Skogafoss and Gullfoss, colored mountains of Landmannalaugar, mountains and canyons of Tosmork, volcanoes and beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, Icy Lagoon and many other things. The white nights let you enjoy the beauty of the country. Oh, you must be dressed according to the natural conditions, weather and season.

Sesión al atardecer

Trekking Over the North of Iceland – Overside

As a matter of fact, you can see a lot of amazing pictures with the admirable view of Iceland. There is only one thing you may think about: It is cool to be there! You may travel over the South and North of the country. The North is not boring. You can visit colorful and highly topical excursion program to learn the country. It takes you about two weeks to visit all interesting places of North to get fresh emotions. The top of the excursion is waterfalls. Of course, you meet a lot of big and small waterfalls on your way. Nevertheless, you will meet the best and glorious of them – Dettifoss and Godafoss.

You can see not only impressive volcanic black beaches, but volcanic seas, craters, colored mountains and thermal basins, interesting rocky formations and lakes with the thousands of birds. The route is interesting and informative. You can also take part in the research programs during the excursion. This is a great chance for your family and friends to explore the country interests side by side with you. The North Trekking is going to be the most unforgettable and impressive adventure in your life.

Worthwhile Goal of Iceland Trekking

There is an opinion that trekking over the country is the best way to explore the beauty of icy land. What is more, this is the only one way to meet the country interesting places. The most of them are uncomfortably situated. So, you can get them on foot. What transport do you use? You cannot get to the waterfall by car or touristic bus. It is better to take your bag, tent, warm clothes, tracker boots and go ahead to meet new adventures. What else do you expect?

First of all, you are in nature. Look around! Everything is beautiful and admirable here. The things are changing very fast. So, you can get enough emotions. For example, today you are going to bath in the thermal basins in the mountains. What about tomorrow? You are going to visit lava fields tomorrow. What fresh and bright colors are around you! What are going to do now? You are standing on the bank of a beautiful lake to see the pyramid mountain over it.

Never forget to bath in the ocean, watch waterfalls and walk around the black sandy beach. Finally, you should visit Icy Lagoon. Of course, it is difficult to learn the country in one-two excursion courses. Nevertheless, trekking helps you to see more than ever before.


Seasons of Trekking

When is the best season to go trekking over the country? Of course, natural conditions are not easy. The summer is short. Trekking programs are usually planned to get the best stable weather for walking.

How Much Is It?

Iceland is one of the most expensive countries in Europe. It is little cheaper than Norway. Are you ready to buy bread for 5 dollars? What about buying beer in 5-10 dollars? One or another way, the trip to Iceland is not going to be cheap. Nevertheless, the impressions and adventures are worth your money. You may cut costs at the hotel room, rental car services, excursion programs, cheap products and budget restaurants. Think of auto stop travelling. It can also help to save money for some time. Nevertheless, Iceland interests always need more.

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