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Iceland by Car: TOP Interesting Places For You and Everyone

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Short Iceland summer looks bright and festively, but not for a long time. How about the idea of traveling by car? This is a great opportunity to travel with kids. You should know that Iceland is beautiful place for car travelling. The roads are perfect. The speed is limited and desert. There are no big cities on your way. Nevertheless, you meet many camping places and other infrastructure on your way. Iceland is beautiful country. Travelling by car, you always have a chance to get sleep close to the admirable nature views. You can hire a car in Reykjavik and start your travelling from there.

Weather and Nature

The nature in Iceland is exciting! There are no trees! There is one more interesting fact: the country is safe for travelling with kids. Mosquitoes cannot stop you as they are not dangerous even on the banks of Mosquitoes Lake (Myvatn). The popular waterfall Hraunfossa is rather strange and unusual – powerful water stream goes through the porous layer of ancient lava to flow out of the ground in form of big fountain. The principal owners of an island are sheep. You can meet them at every step. The kids like sheep and Iceland horses. They are small, strong and easy-to go in the condition of heavy-going lava relief.

Iceland: Svartifoss Cascade

Husavik Bay

What about 3 hours walk in the waters of Husavik Bay? It must be very interesting to watch after big whales. You can see whales in their natural living condition! The atmosphere is amazing. It looks like whale hunting, including tales, special equipment, bright pictures, pirate ships and secret maps. You kids will remember their hunting. Never miss your chance to visit Husavik Whale Museum. It is considered to be the best in Iceland. Look at those huge skeletons of cetaceans that were founded many years ago!

The next place to visit is Seals Museum. It is not as great as Whales Museum, but it is also interesting. To watch seals you should not go boating in the big ship, but go out on the beach. The animals usually live right there under the sun.

Birds Places

The symbol of the island is sea parrot?  Have you ever seen the sea parrot? It looks strange, combining interesting features of parrots and penguins. You can find many special excursions taking you to the beach where sea parrots live. Of course, this is not the best variant: the birds are fare from you. Try to find more favorable position not far from the rocky mountains of Dyrholaey. The birds are several meters from you!

Horned Puffin Lounging


Iceland is a country of waterfalls. Ice-streams make water clean and fresh. The best-visiting waterfall Dettifoss is the most powerful waterfall in Europe. As a rule, waterfalls in Iceland are picturesque and admirable. They are easy to get from different viewing points. They are beautiful cascaded Gullfoss, glorious amphitheatric Godafoss and suddenly appeared Hraunfossar.

Puffing Dragons

What about geysers? Are they interesting for your kids? Actually, it is going to be the third brightest impression after whales and waterfalls. There is one interesting attraction for kids. You should buy or rent special fishing poles and the basket of eggs. This is the attraction to put eggs into the boiling water and put it up already boiled. The water is boiling not from the stove but from the geyser. They look like big puffing dragons.

Clepsydra Geyser erupting (late morning, 17 August 2014) 3

Blue Lagoon

Thermal sources are popular in Iceland. They look like big swimming pools or small cozy bathes, like Grettislaug and Snorralau. The bathes are warm, pleasant and natural, placed mostly in the open air. Nevertheless, if you want to take bath in the hotel, you can find worthy place. The most of modern hotel in Iceland are equipped with special thermal bathes, filling with hot water.

Krafla Mountain

This is the biggest area of volcanic activity. Meet Krafla Mountain! As a matter of fact, this is the first point of tectonic cracks that is spread out for many kilometers. The center of high volcanic activity is 14 kilometers in diameter. Follow the road № 1 to the East from Myvatn Lake. You meet new smoky thermal zone Hverir. Look at the volcanic landscape! The bright acid colors are masterfully combined with muddy steams. Volcanic activity touches your feelings.

Saga Museum

The history of Iceland is rich and unique. It is as unique as the nature of the country. Do your kids like tales and sagas? Iceland sagas are interesting – they are ancient texts that are easy to read even for children. Look! There are sagas about Egil, strong and wise Grettis and other glorious stories. It is amazing, but all events that are described in sagas are connected with geography. You can find the most of these positions in out days. You know, your travelling is going to be the sea voyage to travel over the glorious places.

Viking house

Never Miss Interesting Places:

Geysir Car Rental, Motordrome

Office is situated in the International airport Keflavik. 6-places motordrome costs about 3000EUR for 11 days, including wiring and navigation.

Land-namssetur Islands, Iceland Pioneers Museum

The museum exposition is divided into two parts. The first speaks about the history of colonization of island territories. The second part speaks about Egil sagas. The working hours are 10.a.m. – 9 p.m. every day. The ticket price is 15EUR for adults and 11EUR for kids.

The Husavik Whale Museum

The strongest impression is collection of huge whale skeletons. They were found in an island in different periods of time. The excursion works in summer from 8 a.m. till 6 p.m. The ticket price for adults is 8EUR and 3 EUR for 10-18 years kids.

Glaumbær Farm, Traditional Iceland Farm

The farm looks like new! It is naturally equipped, made of peat blocks covered with turf.

Saga Museum

This is a great chance to learn history. The working hours in summer are from 10 a.m. till 8 p.m. The tickets cost 12EUR for adults and 5EUR for kids.

Vikingaheimar, Islendingur Ship Museum

You can find a copy of real Viking dragon ship. The working hours are from 11 a.m. till 6 p.m. The ticket costs 6EUR for adults and free for kids.

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