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Human Factors That Determine Peak Performance

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Human factors are important if we are trying to achieve peak performance. By understanding and mastering these factors, better achievements are almost a sure thing. However, human factors can be the most difficult to control sometimes. There are different human qualities needed to help us to excel in sports. Often, human nature has a variety of intangible elements that are difficult to comprehend and predict. Improving pitching skill can be relatively easy, but enhancing team spirit is another matter. In general, we could deal with two major human factors, although there could be dozens more in real life implementation. Here are two more important human factors that we need to consider:

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1. Players’ Dedication and Commitment

Coaches need to consider whether they have adequately committed and dedicated team members. Both are influenced by individual factors. It is the responsibility of coaches to reap the best dedication and commitment from all members of the team. We know that each player is generally different and it may require different strategies and methods to motivate each kind of player. Some players could be motivated enough when given specific individual and team goals, but others may not be equally as responsive.

Human Factors That Determine Peak Performance

In this case, coaches may choose team members who are intrinsically more motivated, because they could perform better than more skilled, but less motivated players. For players with excellent skills, but poor motivation, it may be necessary to use a kind of carrot and stick methods to allow us to get the most out of them. Whatever strategy we choose the failure to achieve the highest dedication and commitment from team members may result in less than adequate performance in the actual sports competitions.

2. Teamwork and Spirit

Teamwork and the overall team spirit are other factors that could lead to peak performance. If a team can work together efficiently, it means that they have good understanding ith one another. It is possible for them to reach the highest potentials. Their tactical plays could be better all around. In fact, the level of teamwork can be so high, that the willingness to sacrifice personal gains for team goals can be more likely to happen. Players will support one another more and this could turn out to be a magical factor throughout the team play. These factors will also improve the team effectiveness. Players won’t play due to specific selfish reasons, but more about achieving common goals for the team. History of sports shows us wonderful facts about team-based actions. Often, it is not excellent individual skills that win the competition, but instead, teams with the best teamwork and spirit. As an example, Greece doesn’t have the best individual skills, but through excellent team work and impressive spirit, they were able to win the Euro 2004. Coaches should be able to mould their teams into very cohesive fighting unit that are willing to play hard for the sake of one another and the whole team.

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