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How To Troubleshoot QuickBooks Problems Related To Data File Management

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If you have a small or medium business, QuickBooks can be proven as the most helpful software to manage your business accountancy in few clicks. This accounting software takes care of your business by making payments, managing and paying bills and payrolls, and managing complete business expenses. The secret to such high performance lies on the strong database of the software. However, like all other databases, it is also prone to problems every now and then. During working on the software, users receive many errors and troubles.

The Common Troubles with Data Files

There are a number of errors create during operating the database in QuickBooks. Some of the common issues are:

  • Trouble during updating a file: While edit a file or update it, sometimes the file shows an error message “Updating of Data File Failed”. There is a chance of losing data in such case.

  • Trouble while copying or moving a file: Sometimes users face trouble when trying to copy or move a QuickBooks data file from other drive. It can be appeared as locked file.

  • Unable to connect network: Sometimes users face connection lost to the network and unable to reach to the file they need.

  • Not able to locate the data on the server: Sometimes QuickBooks client’s system cannot find the required file on the server.

  • Data corruption / damage: This is the most common issue that QuickBooks users face.

  • Error codes receiving: There are few error codes that QuickBooks users received while working on data files. Such error codes are -6000, -77/ -82/ -301/ -816/ -158; -6098, 5; -6123, 0; -6129, -101; -6150, -1006; 80070057 etc.

How To Troubleshoot QuickBooks Problems Related To Data File Management

Apply the Solutions

There are few manual troubleshooting tips are available to resolve these issues. Before applying anything QuickBooks suggests to run QuickBooks Doctor to resolve the issues. Otherwise the manual tips are:

  • Reducing Data Corruption: There are few points that can be responsible as data corruption and troubleshooting those can prevent the data from corruption. The size of the file is a major factor in corruption prevention. The larger size file can be a great risk. Reducing the size can resolve the problem. Another reason for data corruption is database fragments. To prevent that users need to resort the lists in data, rebuilt the data and then create and restore a portable company file. To prevent data corruption risk, users also need to check the Local Area Connection (LAN), wireless network and other network connections.

  • Solve trouble on copy / move data: If you are finding trouble during copying/ moving QuickBooks data file from your hard drive to a removable drive (for backup or migration purposes), and find out the file is locked, know that QuickBooks Server Manager and Directory Monitor have that file locked down. Close out QuickBooks, click Start/ Run, enter services.msc, look for the QuickBooks Data Recovery services, and stop those two. Once the services are stopped, you should be able to copy and paste that file.

  • Solve trouble while updating data: While edit a file or update it, sometimes the file shows an error message “Updating of Data File Failed”. In such case, check whether the file is corrupted. The rectification of such issue is the recovery of file or creating the file once again from the previously created file. Backup of file can be quite helpful in this case.

There are other tips as well, which can be found on the QuickBooks community forum. However, sometimes problems get critical, which seek expert help to resolve. In such case, QuickBooks support is the answer. If you need QuickBooks Technical Support phone number 1-800-518-1838 for instant QuickBooks related issue & problem to our dial toll free phone number.

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