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How To Start A WordPress Blog?

2 Mins read

Blogging is an art which requires minimal time to get prepared! The only prerequisite is internet connectivity and a quick guide to help you get started with WordPress Blog writing. How it can be done? Here is a step by step 20 minute guide. Start a WordPress Blog.

How To Start A WordPress Blog

Find Reason why you Want to Start Blogging?

Simply said, if you know the destination, you will know the route as well. There are hundreds of reasons why people start writing blogs. Some state to share their experience, some want their voices to be heard, improvise their writing skills or just being a better person. Decide why you had liked to write a blog and then the next steps will get easier.

Choose the Focal Point:

I don’t know whether you are aware or not, but there are various classes of blogs like- travel, romance, love, photography, passion, politics etc. Choose a niche and make sure you know and are passionate about what you are going to write. Blogging will be much more enjoyable then!

Choose the Platform

There are free as well as self hosted blogging platforms offered by WordPress. While the free platforms are not actually free, come with loads of limitations, have a rather clumsy and not to appealing outlook, they also bar you from using thousands of amazing features and plug-in. On the other hand, self hosted blogging platforms are quiet professional, more personalized, a better way to be popular and earn revenues. So basically said, the smart choice is to go for self hosted blogs.

Decide your Webhost

Not all the webhosting platforms are same and the worst part is if you choose the wrong services, you are going to suffer a lot. They will gift you site performance issues, low uptime, go down frequently, spammy marketing and emails, customer services that are nothing more than useless and all the worst left. The best and most recommended option is to go for eHost. They are quick with great customer services, guaranteed performance, free domain name for lifetime, and a lot more. The best feature is that they are inexpensive.

Install WordPress on your Account

Choose and install WordPress from the Software and Services section and click on Quick Install icon. The wizard to install is easy and you will need little assistance while working through the installation process. Remember to choose the domain name wisely as it is going to stay with you for a lifetime. You cannot change your username once you have set it. View credentials to know your password and remember it for further access.

Start Blogging

Now you can login into your WordPress account and start creating your own blogs. The easy to use interface won’t make it difficult to write and you can start with the title for the post, content, formatting, adding images and a lot more features. You can view your post from the View Post section and edit accordingly if needed.

This is it! Now you can write and publish your own blogs, with your own name and a quick to access server.

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