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How to Promote Events on your Facebook Page?

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Facebook Events are of key importance for any promotional Facebook page. They help keep users’ interest high by increasing their direct interaction with the page owners. According to Facebook, more than 400 million people worldwide use Facebook events every month to connect with their Facebook communities.

Depending on the main theme of your Facebook page, you can also use this proficient tool to engage with its fans. If you are looking to increase the page’s popularity, you can buy targeted Facebook fans and create customers out of them. Once you have created a new event on your page, you can make use of the following instructions to promote your event.

Benefit from Facebook’s new advertising strategy

Although advertising events through Facebook has been in vogue for a long time, the social media website has just made the prospect even better with its new advertising plan. Previously, events were only visible to desktop users in a small column on the right side of their newsfeed page. As part of this new plan, event ads will now be displayed in mobile browsers and applications too; which would mean a wider audience for all the events you post on your page.

How to Promote Events on your Facebook Page

Use event insights to know how your events are performing

Facebook has also introduced a new insights tool to view the performance of your event. The new event insights can only be viewed by creators and hosts of the events in the right hand column of the browser screen. The insights box provides you with three basic types of information, which are:

  • Reached: The figure posted in this column shows the number of people who have seen the event link either in their news feed or elsewhere on Facebook..
  • Viewed: The figure shown in this column shows the number of clicks received the event’s link on Facebook.
  • Engaged: The figure in this column shows the number of people who have responded to the event by clicking on either ‘Going’ or ‘Maybe’.

Make the event tab more prominent on your page

If you regularly post events on your page, and they are a significant part of your marketing strategies, the events tab must be prominent on your page beneath the cover photo. However, by default, the event tab is hidden away. You can add it where you want it on your page by clicking the ‘More’ button and choosing ‘Manage tabs’. This allows you to add the events tab to your page and highlight it effectively.

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