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How To Preshave While Using Men’s Electric Shavers?

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Some people think that preshave products are not necessary while using electric razors but research says that it is crucial to make use of preshave products even while using best of the top electric shavers. Preshave lotions or oils are made use of widely in order to smoothen out the skin and also to prevent burns from the entire process. These help in opening up the pores of the skin and as well soften the hair to aid in easy removal of facial hair. If one knows how to preshave appropriately, then one can reap many benefits from the process.

Use pre shaving oil

It is best to make use of preshave oil before commencing shaving with electric razors. Preshave oil is quite effective when it comes to softening the facial hair and also in opening the pores of the skin. A few preshave creams and oils consist of natural oils such as coconut oil or olive oil. These are loads better than mineral oils that are quite harmful for the skin. These damage the skin and also cause clogging of pores. The use of natural oils is recommended while utilizing electric razors. The removal of facial hair becomes easy because the oil causes the hair to rise and the entire process is smooth. With the application of natural oil, the electric razor slides across the surface easily. There are even preshave powders available. These protect the skin from irritation and coat the strands of hair which makes the hair cut easily with the aid of an electric razor.

Tips to make shaving easier

While shaving with an electric razor, it is best to apply a drop of oil on the razor blade. This will make the blade slide on the surface of the facial skin quite easily. This would make the entire process smooth and you wouldn’t have to experience any kind of burn or other discomforts while shaving. Make sure to shave after a hot or warm shower. The hair can be removed easily owing to the humidity. However, before shaving with an electric razor, you need to ensure that your skin is dry. After you are done with your preshave procedure, you can apply talcum powder on your skin to ensure faster drying of your skin. Make use of a preshave lotion that consists of alcohol in order to remove oil from your skin that is in excess. However, if your skin is sensitive, then you need to avoid the preshave lotion with alcohol. Please do not use this method while using nose hair trimmer to trim nose or ear hair!! Actually these nose hair trimmers are really awesome gifts for christmas or other occations.

Take care of the direction while shaving

It is crucial to remember that while shaving the direction of the razor needs to be opposite to the hair growth. When compared to ordinary razors, you may take some time to adjust to the effects demonstrated by an electric razor. There is no difference in the manner in which electric shavers work. The difference may lie in the substance that you make use of during the preshave procedure. It depends on whether you make use of a powder, lotion or natural oil. Employ simple practical ideas to benefit while using the most popular electric razors.

Author: Denis Lubojanski

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