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How To Minimize Stretch Marks During Growth Spurts

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Adolescence can indeed be a very awkward time with all sorts of sudden changes taking place. Stretch marks that are in association with growth spurts are just one of the annoyances that boys and girls do have to deal with, in addition to, other varied hormonal alterations taking over their young bodies without their consent or knowledge some of the time. So, what do one do, where stretch marks are concerned and can they be lessened in impact? Read on.

Why do Stretch Marks happen during Growth Spurts?

A growth spurt is when a young girl or boy does experience a whole lot of rapid growth in a very short time. This is what tends to lead up to him or her developing stretch marks. The normal skin is just not elastic enough, or just cannot keep up at all, with the appearance of these unexpected growth spurts that do seem to occur at will literally. These growth spurts, in addition to constant hormonal changes, are what are responsible for the development of these unsightly stretch marks on youngster’s bodies at the end of the day.

Is there Anything to be Done to Lessen getting Stretch Marks?

There are lots of things that can prove to be good preventative medicine. However, when you look at the big picture, stretch marks can still surface despite all that you try to do to keep them away. This is sometimes due to heredity, and other times, simply because it is meant to take place. Some of the things that young people can do to reduce the chances of getting stretch marks is to have some regular outlet for exercise, healthy diet plan of foods that are rich in skin vitamins, stay hydrated as much as possible and drink about eight glasses of water daily. These are just some of the things they can do, but again, this doesn’t guarantee that they will not get stretch marks ever.

How To Minimize Stretch Marks During Growth Spurts

Girls with Stretch Marks

Young teen girls are more likely to develop stretch marks than boys do. This is just the law of averages, and a fact, which is also based on just how many cases there are of them getting stretch marks in their youth, which are due to rapid growth spurts, as well as, to the possibility of quick weight gain too. There are lots of reasons why girls get more stretch marks than boys do. However, this doesn’t mean boys are totally out of the woods because they are not from developing stretch marks.

Boys with Stretch Marks

Boys do get stretch marks. The only truth is this, and this is, they don’t get them nearly as much as their female counterparts do. Nonetheless, stretch marks are a mean reality, which doesn’t work for either boy or girl. They cannot stand to have them, and this is something that is especially true, when you are growing up in the eyes of family, friends, and peers at school. Looking good to youngsters who are maturing is everything and getting stretch marks does seem to take care from looking good for these teens and before teens.

What are Some Good Treatments to help these Growth Stretch Marks?

Young people can do all sorts of good things with regards to treating their stretch marks. In addition, to testing out various forms of treatment for them, they can also do other things to keep future stretch marks away too. They can do a routine of regular exercise, in addition to, making sure to eat a diet that is rich in nutritional values and lots of awesome vitamins to help their skin be more elastic and have lots of natural collagen in it. They can also drink lots of water, about eight glasses daily, in order to keep their bodies well hydrated. Also, they can make sure to treat their present stretch marks, and a very good way to do this is with natural stretch marks creams and lotions that do contain coconut butter or shea butter in them.

Stretch marks are just another of the common occurrences that teens do have to deal with, the very same, as they have to deal with acne, and lots of other maladies that do seem to sprout during that grow up process. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that your young lifestyle is ruined, it just means that you have to get proactive and deal with them head on, as does everyone else who develops them against their will.


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