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How To Makeover Your Teen’s Room

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In this modern day and technological age, it is likely your teenager spends the majority of their time in their room. Text messaging, listening to music you have deemed as noise, living on their Facebook, and talking for hours with their friends. You may be dealing with the issue, like many of your parental peers, of fighting with your teenager about cleaning up their room.

How To Makeover Your Teen’s Room

Perhaps, it is time to give their room a makeover. This will encourage a desire to keep things more neat and orderly, while creating a nice environment for your growing teen. Here are some tips on making over your teen’s room.


The first consideration for any bedroom makeover, is the bedding. If your teen is still sleeping in their childhood bedding sets that feature past favorite cartoon characters, or mismatched sheets and your old comforter, it is time to makeover their bed.

In other words, out with the Disney bedding! Bed in a Bag sets are a great way to acquire a comforter with matching sheet set, pillowcases, shams, a bed/dust ruffle and often times a matching decorative throw pillow and window valance. Let your teen shop teen bedding sets with you and choose their own room décor. It is important to encourage them to express themselves.

Teenage girls seem to have the market in bedding; there is less selection in teenage boy bedding sets. Baseball bedding for boys, is popular with teens who play or follow this sport.


If your teen does not have a desk for completing their homework assignments, now is the time to make this investment. Having a designated work space is an important part of teaching responsibility and providing a place for your teen to buckle down and get their homework completed.

A large, desk calendar pad is a great way to protect the desk surface, while providing a day to day schedule for your teen to write down due dates, sports practices and games and other junior or high school activities. The calendar is a valuable resource for implementing routine. A desk lamp to ensure adequate lighting is a welcomed addition to any workspace. Visit at to make sure you have an ergonomically designed chair for your teen to sit at, to promote good posture.


Having a trash can, perhaps in the desk area, is a wise accessory for a teenage bedroom. Accessories that encourage order and organization, is the best way to keep that room clean. Fabric memo boards add décor to the room, while providing a place for your teens favorite photo’s and notes. You can install a couple shelves on the wall for electronics, trophies and other possessions.

You may also opt to provide storage with a shelving unit that features baskets or fabric bins. These baskets or bins, can house all kinds of possessions. The great thing about this type of storage is that your teens belongings have a home, other than the floor and are concealed from eyesight, eliminating clutter and chaos to the rooms décor.

Making over your teen’s room can be a fun way to spend time with your teen. This  allow for them to make decisions on the rooms décor, provided they are decisions you can live with!

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