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How To Make Your UPVC Doors More Secure

2 Mins read

Burglaries are a common occurrence across the world making it one of the leading concerns of homeowners. Irrespective of how tough and sturdy their window and door materials are homeowners always seek ways to keep their homes as secure as possible. And why not; thefts and burglaries not only cause financial losses but also lead to a lot of emotional stigma and depression. As such its extremely important to keep your defenses as advanced and updated as possible.

To many homeowners increasing their security measures comes across as shelling out huge chunks of money. However, that isn’t true, In fact, its the small choices you make that add up to increasing the security of your home. To begin with the choice of the door material is extremely important. Next comes investing in good locks followed by a good security alarm.

How To Make Your UPVC Doors More Secure

UPVC windows are a great investment to make for doors. Made with reinforced plasticized polyvinyl chloride, they offer superior strength and security that’s important for you homes. The parts of a UPVC windows and doors are built to withstand and bear blows and impacts to a great extent. While these doors are mostly designed with good quality security locks, if you wish to upgrade their security further, you can consider the following ways:

  1. Snap safe locks – Snap safe locks work great for UPVC doors. When fitted properly into your doors, they offer superior resistance to blows. Even if the impact is huge, the front section of the lock will be smashed at the maximum, keeping the internal lock of the door intact. However care needs to be taken to ensure that no part of the lock is protruding outside the door as this will offer burglars the opportunity to twist the lock out and break in.

 Sash jammers – Sash jammers are external locking mechanisms that can be additionally installed on to windows and doors and bolted to deter breaking in. These are especially designed for UPVC windows and can be brought at from  replacement windows manufacturer.

 Good quality security alarm – With your doors and their locks of good quality, one can now consider investing in a good security alarm. You could either opt for a wired or a wireless security alarm. Whatever be your choice, the system should be accessible and user friendly for all your family members to operate. It should also be pet friendly giving your pets the freedom to roam about the home premises. If you’re investing in a wireless alarm, ensure that the sensors are strategically placed. While a home security alarm installation can be done as a DIY project, its always recommended that these gadgets be installed by experienced professionals.

Remember, its always better to spend a little more and have a better security for your home than saving and regretting later.

So how have you increased the security of your UPVC doors? Share at your thoughts

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