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How to Know When Your Roof Should Be Cleaned

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The roof is the second most hidden part of the home after the foundation. No homeowner is familiar with all of the stains and damages that have accumulated over years or decades. Here are some tips on how to know when to clean your roof.

How to Know When Your Roof Should Be Cleaned

Cluttered Gutters

A clogged gutter is the first sign that the roof needs cleaning. A severe problem is easy to see from any distance in front of the house. If the gutters remain clogged, the water fails to drain properly and collects on the roof. In some cases, it collects in pools in the front yard, which causes severe erosion to the soil and grass. Cleaning the gutters is necessary to maintain the roof and the front yard.

Natural Disaster

During and after a natural disaster, the roofing is usually the first portion to disintegrate. The roof is the outermost covering of the house that suffers the most when the shingles tear apart or get blown off completely. Some parts of the roof itself get blown off, exposing holes that cause rain and debris to fall onto the floor. After a major thunderstorm, hurricane or tornado, inspect your roof to see the extent of the damages.

Leaky Ceiling

Most leaks in the ceiling are caused by holes or cracks in the roof. A leak forms when you see water stains or the early signs of mold or mildew growth on the ceiling. Some leaks are caused by storm damage that needs to be repaired, and sometimes it occurs when too much debris piles up on the roof. In any case, check the roof to see what is there causing the problem.

Regular Maintenance

You know when a roof needs repairs or restorations done during a maintenance checkup. A professional roofer will inspect every inch of the roof, looking for holes, blisters and all forms of damages. A roofer will see the buildup of mold, mildew and debris that has become ingrained into your roof over the times. You may be recommended to a power washing service that uses high-pressure water to clean the worst stains.

Making any type of roof repair is expensive, but cleaning it is easier and more economical. Despite what some homeowners think, people do notice parts of a filthy roof when walking by the house. Most importantly, having a clean one is a form of maintenance that keeps the roof in the best condition.

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