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How To Keep A Good Relationship With Your Employees As A HR Manager?

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It is very significant to upkeep employee relations on a daily basis. It is vital at the same time to remain impartial to each employee. It you show any fascination to any particular employee then it would be quite difficult to take any decisions. At the time of taking any decision when the situation arises, you may have to deal with the charge of showing undesirable favoritism.

How To Keep A Good Relationship With Your Employees As A HR Manager?

How to Maintain Best Employee Relations as an HR?

What are the issues be taken care of while under taking the employee relations program? One of the major effective means to strengthen the relationship of employer-employee is giving adequate time or enhancing the personal interaction with staffs.

Program that should be Developed for the Employees

You should prepare a statement in writing regarding the view point of the organization for employee and growing healthy relations. A program should be adopted that permits flow of communication from the higher management to the lowest category of employee. You will have to mention straight way about the policies that state the outlook of the company about absenteeism or tardiness and at the same time payment of salary also. Some steps which are helpful for developing cordial relationship with employee are discussed below.

Principles which State About the Organization

It is significant on your part to take measures to make your staffs comfortable. It has to be kept in mind that the scopes of success and prosperity depends on how transparent is your company’s vision. This becomes helpful for individuals to follow easily. While it matters to ethics and moral of a company the staffs are eager to identify them. Therefore defining the policies and procedures clearly about the company would be very much helpful.

Getting Feedback from the Staffs

A company becomes capable of retaining its good staffs only when it knows about its employees in a better manner. The ideal means to know them properly can be done through feedback. You should ask them to intimate their opinions and what their views are about the organization. In this way it would be possible to grow a faith among the staffs that the company respects them for being a part of the same and is concerned for them.

Impartial Treatment for All the Employees

It is quite natural that each employee expects a fair treatment from the company management. Birthday celebration of particular employee holding higher post would create a feeling partiality among others. This could be avoided by adopting the policy of celebrating birthday of each employee or undertaking similar type of events.

Participation of the Employees

So as to ensure active participation of all the staffs you should encourage the staffs about it. You should chalk out programs which permit members of various teams to interact among themselves. It enables them to take up strategies for development of business. All HR manager jobs that are advertised on sites therefore list ability to plan and communicate as one of the major requirements.

Showing Appreciation

It is imperative to appreciate the good work performed by employees. You need to build the confidence and motivate them to strive for the good work. You can offer certificate of appreciation or gift them with awards. Good relationships among employee and employer do not happen simply. They are the outcome of activities and a strategy which a HR develops to strengthen communication between management and employees. A HR creates means to inspire employees’ attitudes. Idea practices include resourcefulness, labor and employment laws and human resource skill in nurturing practices which boost up working relationships.

HR Access

Very often the department of human resources is located in an inaccessible and remote area of the workplace. This discourages staffs from getting the details by inquiring the HR department employee regarding benefits, payroll, taxes and workplace issues. Ideal practices for staff relations include making HR more accessible to staffs. Staff relations managers facilitate access to HR through modification hours of HR department to accommodate staff schedules and communicating to staffs at the time of daily walkthroughs of the workplace to keep a touch with human resources.


Communicating with the HR alters the perception of human resources that few staffs construe as the similarity of visiting the office of the school principal. While the majority of a staff relations manager’s task is teaching managers and supervisors to effect negative employment actions and administer discipline, staffs understandably think that human resources task is not one of a staff advocate. Ideal practices support and implement activities which develop the perception of HR from an administration-dependent department to one which performs in the greater interest of the company, individual staffs and its workforce.

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