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How To Have Healthier Skin?

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When caring for our skin, it is important to know what kind of skin type we have, such as sensitive, dry, normal/combination or dry. This will determine the way we plan our daily skin care and what skin care products we should buy. Our skin can also be affected by medication, stress level, diet and genes. Therefore, we should know characteristics of these skin types. Oily skin usually has enlarged pores and they can be shiny. People with oily skin are prone to blemishes and blackheads. People with normal or combination skin usually has medium pores, healthy skin color, good circulation and smooth texture. Their cheeks could be drier, but oily in the usual T-zone, chin, nose and central forehead.

How To Have Healthier Skin

Sensitive skin can be quite delicate with fine pores. Capillaries can prone more easily, making them frequently affected by rash and numerous allergic reactions. People with dry skin have general tightness and this could happen particularly after cleansing. They also tend to develop red patchy areas, flaking and fine wrinkles. Some areas of the skin could be darker due to the presence of pigments. Skin could also look dull due to build-up of dead skin. Some people also have sun-damaged or aging skin and this is indicated by slack skin tone, visible wrinkles and general tightness. This is particularly true around the jawline and cheek. These people could have worn skin textures that are prone to capillaries ruptures.

There are good ways to identify our skin type. As an example, we could wash our face gently and then pat it dry. Wait for an hour or so and then take small bits of rice paper and press it gently on specific areas, specifically chin, nose, central forehead and cheek. The paper should stick if we have oily skin and it should become more translucent. Many people have combination skin and specific oily spots in the skin. Regardless our skin type, it is important to follow a number of do’s and don’ts to ensure healthier skin. As an example, we should no longer smoke, because other than sun exposure, it is among the most serious reasons skin damages. Nicotine decreases the flow of oxygen on different parts of our body due to constricted blood flow. This is not a good thing for our skin.

It is also important to use eye cream each day; because they are the spot where early signs of aging appear. Skin around our eyes is very thin, so it’s important to protect it from sun exposure. There are different options available such as Neutrogena Healthy Defense SPF 30 Eye Crea and Clarins Eye Contour Care SPF 30. Tazorac could work quite well to rejuvenate our skin, since it could take off many dead skin cells and gives room for the new ones to grow and glow. Unfortunately, there are no skin products that can shrink our pores, because it is a hereditary characteristic. We should also get more antioxidants to neutralize free radicals that can ruin on skin.

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