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How To Get Into Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

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For centuries our ancestors used essential oils. Today, they have become one of our greatest untapped resources. We seem to have forgotten, the power housed inside something so simple as a flower or a leaf. Many people believe that because of their sweet smell they are best used for pleasing the senses, they are wrong.

How To Get Into Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

Researchers have found that ancient civilizations used aromatics in everything, even in their architecture. In India, they built temples of sandalwood. The Babylonians mixed fragrances into their mortar when building temples.

Essential Oils are Safe, Strong and Non-Toxic.

Modern research has shown that essential oils are potent and carry incredible medicinal properties. Oregano is more than 20 times stronger than phenol, found in commercial cleaning products. Chemical drugs are toxic and stay in the human body, sometimes indefinitely. Essential oils are safe, beneficial and leave behind no toxins. Essential oils can be applied directly to the body if needed. But, this will limit the benefits to the person the oils are used on. Using essential oils in an aromatherapy oil diffuser expands the space they effect.

What Can You Use Aromatherapy for?

There are many uses for aromatherapy today, just like thousands of years ago. The variety of essential oils available is so large today you can find thousands of things to use them for. Everything from helping you sleep, clearing a stuffy head, banishing a headache and easing aches and pains.

An example, of how to use an oil diffuser in our modern times would be at work. An oil diffuser on your work desk can provide amazing results. You can change, a stressful work environment into a calmer more relaxed space. You can use oils such as cedarwood, chamomile, geranium, patchouli or lavender. Using this method will help calm down the tension and stress for everyone that works there.

Ancient Incense Burners are Today’s Modern Oil Diffuser.

In ancient times they used incense burners for medicinal purposes. Today, you can use an aromatherapy oil diffuser in the same way. The best way to get into using essential oils is to start with an oil diffuser.

Aromatherapy oil diffuser and a beginner essential oils kit. Most oil kits include around six, of the most commonly used essential oils. The oil diffusers can be purchased for around $20.00 or less. Buying a diffuser that lights up and changes colors, gives you the added advantage of a nightlight.

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