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How To Find The Best Serviced Apartment For Your Needs

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Moving to a new place and searching for a good apartment is always a challenging task and if you’re moving to a new country on top of that, it adds even more uncertainty. Here is a list of aspects to consider if you are looking for a serviced apartment in the heart of London. These tips will help you define your needs and therefore find the apartment that is ideal for you.

Hit the Ground Running

How To Find The Best Serviced Apartment For Your Needs

We know that internet is a good option to search for housing on your own but you cannot always rely on the data as the information might not be completely up to date. It is recommended that you start looking for apartment rentals two or three months before you move to the city. By researching, you will get familiarised with price, general quality of apartments available and you’ll get the hang of which neighbourhoods fit your preferences and requirements.

Costs of Renting in London

It’s widely known that rental pricings in London are some of the highest in the world, whereas it’s recommended to research several websites and compare prices prior to booking. You will find many options in both basic and luxury apartments and only through proper research will you figure out which sites offer the best deal. The closer you live to central London, the more expensive rent becomes. You can start your search by looking for areas that you find more affordable yet well-connected with the London underground networkin order to narrow down your search.

Know how to avoid Rental Scams

You can try googling the providers name to find user reviews and press releases, search for the provider on social media sites like LinkedIn, facebook and twitter and check if their address and contact information is easy to find and transparent on website etc. You can also do simple Google Map search to find the exact location of the apartment.

Payment Procedure and Cancellation Policy

Every serviced apartment varies in their terms and conditions. Some may ask for 100% pre-payment prior to the arrival while others are more flexible, and some have accept cancellations on the dayof arrival while others needup to 28 days notice. The cancellation and payment procedure fully depends on the service provider and is often more strict if the provider gets booked early in advance. A good advise is to familiarise yourself with terms and conditions before confirming your booking and payment. It will save you from a great deal of trouble if something gets in your way.

Look for Friendly and Efficient Team

A friendly and efficient reservation team can turn your search for a serviced apartment into a pleasant experience. By chatting to a helpful team who takes time to understand your needs and requirements, you can find the best serviced apartment for you without too much hassle. When you speak to an experienced employee rather than browsing online by yourself, it builds trust with the provider and you can get access to new deals that might not even be online yet.

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