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How To Develop Brand Identity With Our Website?

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There are many things we need to do to make sure our website works flawlessly for any purpose. The primary goal of our website is to make sure that relevant visitors will be happy to stay and read more of our content. By getting more people in our website, it is possible for us to boost sales. There are aspects of the website that we need to consider to achieve specific goals. There are many goals we may have and here web development best practices that can get us there.

There are common aspects of brand identity, its name and various visual elements to distinguish and identify our website from others. The idea is to help people associate our website with specific ideas or concepts. Our brand should be memorable, distinctive and highly recognizable. As an example, Nike’s swipe and AT&T’s sphere are significant graphics elements that can be asosiciated with a brand. It is true that creating such a powerful brand could take plenty of effort and time, but there’s a start of everything.

Our logo should suggest something recognizable and it should be easily related to our business or company name. Obviously, the styling of our name and logo will have direct impact on marketing efforts, so we should make sure to design them properly. Logos should also be used consistently in different areas, such as packaging, advertisements, business cards, stationery and brochures. Unfortunately, eye catching logo isn’t enough to give us the distinctive treatment that we all need. Another important element of brand identity is the feeling and ideas that people should associate with our brand. There should be specific look and feel of our website that that we need to integrate, such as the feeling of calm or crowded, intense or sequential hyperlinking, organized or chaotic. The color scheme of our website could also be defined in different ways, such as reassuring, vibrant or exciting.

It is also important to make sure that we have appropriate tagline. Tagline can be considered as a statement that can be associated with our company or product. Our tagline should also be relevant to the target market, credible, memorable and succinct. However, we should make sure that it is short enough for people to remember. We should determine what people should think about our company or product when they read our tagline. Effective taglines paint a reassuring picture about our company. They are pleasing and easy to say.

We should also have value proposition about our product that can be offered to the target market. Value proposition isn’t our tagline and it is simply a statement of what our company could provide to them. Again, our value proposition should be pleasant, positive and simple. All will be useless if we don’t insert call to action in our website. It is a subtle encouragement to cause visitors do specific things that can trigger direct sales. Visitors will want to respond after reading our call to action.

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