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How to Decorate Your Home for the Christmas Holidays?

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Make sure that your home during the holidays is full of peace, warmth, and love! We, at roofing company whitby present fairy-tale ideas for holiday decoration at home and a golden rule for a combination of three festive colors.

Family celebration deserves the most beautiful interior!

Whether it’s a New Year, a festive lunch, or a birthday – you need to carefully evaluate the right measure of decorating, because over-coloring can turn a house into a real fairy.

There is a 3 colors rule – pick one as the basic one, and two for details and you will definitely not make a mistake.
Amara is the result of a married couple’s hard work: Andrew and Sam Hood have united the forces to renovate their home, and then the business has grown – first to a shop with trifles to decorate the home, to the internet distribution of luxury furniture.

  1. White decoration

    White color always resembles purity, harmony, and peace, which represents the perfect symbolism during the holidays. Decorations in white can be perfectly matched with gold and red, and since the shade is universal, you can also combine it with other colors. Decorative white candles represent an unparalleled decoration for holidays. You can put these candles on the fireplace, in the living room, and the most beautiful will look at the dining table.

    One of the more interesting decorations that many inspired was decorated with shells. Simple, yet so original, decoration with shells will look perfect if you are sorting them out at a dining table or putting them in glasses or plates.

    You can put the shells in a white shade in the glass bowl and add the beads or “pearls” to the golden shade. This decorative bowl will represent the perfect decoration for the living room.

    Also, you can make a beautiful white fir using wire and the end that will enrich and beautify your home during New Year’s holidays.

    2. Golden decoration

    The golden color always looks luxurious and solemn, but to make the decoration in this shade you do not have to have a lot of money. Ornaments for fir in gold, beads, jewelry and golden bowls are ideal holiday decorations for your home. You can make decorations in gold color very easily and inexpensively by making decorations from metal wires and simply by spraying them or spraying them in golden color.

    Goldware trays are fantastic for festive serving. If you do not have such trays, you can cover the edges or some parts of the tray with spray or “golden” glittering jewels.

    3. Red decoration

    Red is a warm color and is always a favorite for holiday decorations, not only because of its beautiful symbolism but also because of its beauty and excellent fit with other colors. Love, fire, warmth, joy, are just some of the wonderful things and emotions that the red associates.

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