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7 P’s Of Marketing For Business

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There is a set of 7Ps Marketing Strategies that you can use in any combination to meet customers in your target market. There are 7 Ps controllers but are subject to your internal and external marketing environment. To meet these needs and wishes of their customers, combining these marketing strategies is known using ‘Completion Marketing Mix’.


This product refers to what you are selling, including all the features, benefits and benefits that your customers can enjoy buying or buying your goods or services. When marketing your product, you have to think of your customers (limited to not limited to) but also important features and benefits, including quality, repair, and accessories.

You can use research and development to notify the development of new products in your business.


It refers to your pricing strategy for your product and service and how it will affect your customers. You should know how many customers have been prepared for payment, how many marks you should have about a head, your profit margin and payment methods, and other costs. You can also consider the possibility of exemptions and seasonal pricing to draw Paper help customers and maintain your competitive advantage.


These are promotional activities that you use to inform your customers about your products and services, including advertising, sales strategy, promotion, and direct marketing. Usually, this is sent as a marketing strategy.


The place is that your products and services are viewed, created, sold or distributed. Access to your product is critical for users and to ensure that customers can find you.

You can set yourself up with your own competition by designing your retail space and using effective visual commercial techniques. If you are not a retail business, your marketing is still an important part. Your customers may need a quick refund or would like to buy locally manufactured products.

If you’re starting a new business, you’ll have a key marketing strategy to find the right business place.


People refer to staff and salespeople working for your business. When you provide the best customer service, you make a positive experience for your customers and do your brand in your market. Consequently, the current customers can spread the word about your best service and you can win references.

Provide a competitive advantage to fill your business with the right people, promote your skills to your staff and maintain good staff.


Processing is related to the process involved in providing your products and services to customers. It’s also about ‘easy to do business’ with it.

By doing good on the site ensures that you:

  • Repeat the same quality of service to your customers repeatedly
  • Save time and money by increasing performance.
  • Learn more about business practices, procedures, and standards.

Physical evidence

Physical evidence is to see your customers communicate with your business. It includes:

  • Physical environment where you provide products or services
  • Design or interior design
  • Your packaging
  • Your branding.

Physical evidence can also see your staff and how they dress and work.

Consider how your store configuration, fixtures, and broadcasts can build your brand and increase your sales.


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