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How To Deal With The Problem Of Leaking Breasts?

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Becoming a mother is one of the best experiences for the ladies, but there are a number of issues associated with pregnancy and after pregnancy like weight gain, breast leaking, stretch marks etc.  If you are going to become a mother or have become in recent times, then you must opt for using the products that are especially made for post pregnancy periods, in order to enjoy the best experience of your life.

How To Deal With The Problem Of Leaking Breasts

Breast Pad – The Best Solution for your Leaking Breast

After the pregnancy, the mothers are supposed to feed their baby and many times the ladies end up having the leaking breast, if you are one of those ladies you can opt for the purchasing the breast pads.  They help you to stay comfortable and dry. Although these pads are quite expensive but they can be purchased at low prices by grabbing Healthkart coupons. The duration for which these pads are used differ from mother to mother as few of them experience the leaking for only a few weeks while some mothers experience the same for longer span of time. It is to be noted that once the process of lactation is established you need not to wear the breast pads as the milk will only be produced at the time of nursing the baby. You will generally find two types of breast pads in the market, washable and   disposable breast pads.

Disposable breast pads – these pads are generally made up from paper or cotton. Some of the pads also come with waterproof membrane for avoiding the leakage. In addition many brands offer these pads with a stick tape that helps in holding the pad in place in your bra. If you are making  use of the disposable ones  then make sure that you dispose the pads as soon as it feels damp in order to avoid bacterial infection, sore or cracked nipples etc. The major drawback of these pads is that they are quite expensive. You can crack the cost effective purchases by grabbing Healthkart offers, sales, discounts etc.

Washable breast pad – the best part of the washable pads is that they are made up of the natural material like bamboo, hemp, cotton, wool etc. In addition, these pads are quite soft. It is to be noted that the initial cost of purchasing these pads is quite more but the reusable feature compensates the same in future. Once these pads are damp you can wash and dry them for reusing. The mother suffering from cracked or sore nipples can also make use of these pads as they are made up of natural fabric and allow the flow of air for healing purpose. The risk of yeast infection and bacterial infection is also reduced with the washable pads.

If you do not have any idea about the different breast pads and their manufacturing companies, you can purchase the same via online store, grab Healthkart coupon code etc. for cracking a smart and a cost effective deal.

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