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How to cope up with lanugo hair?

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Kudos! Your bundle of joy is out on the world and you are happy and thrilled to bits. Now the baby is in your arms and you do find out on how the little one looks. The general perception is that it would be cuddly and soft which is the case as mostly portrayed. The skin has to be flaky and dry and in the midst of this, there is going to be a certain degree of body hair. What is lanugo hair this pretty much illustrated here, but it would be a cause of concern to the parents. This derives its meaning from the Latin word and it would mean wool. Some of the features on what is lanugo in pregnancy can be answered in the form of

  • You can term it as fine hair, but it is clearly visible as well
  • You will find it on the back, faces or forehead of your little one
  • You can expect it to form around 18 to 21 weeks of gestation
  • This is a trendy that you are more likely to come across with premature babies
  • The hair would be shed in a natural manner and the whole process might take a few weeks to months.
  • It has been observed that sometimes the babies do start to shed the hair when they are in the uterus. In the case of others, they are going to be born with lanugo intact on their bodies.

At the same time, there does arise a definite role of this hair on the human body of babies

  • It goes on to act as a form of protection for your baby and this is when the baby happens to be in the womb
  • It does go on to avoid any form of damage that is being caused by the amniotic fluid
  • This might not look all that great but it is a definite advantage to your little one.

Though the hair is going to shed in a natural manner there are some tips which you can follow to fasten the process

  • Just apply olive oil to the skin of your baby and it is going to fasten the process
  • When you mix almonds with lentils and milk it is also an effective procedure.

If the baby has not gone on shed the lanugo hair within 6 months and dark spots have begun to emerge on the skin, then you need to consult the doctor.

  • As this leads to a problem associated with CAH, the need of the hour is timely treatment
  • Kids who are suffering from the syndrome of CAH are observed are given the dose of hormones at an external level. This would be to achieve a balance and at the same time prevent any serious complications from developing.

According to the parents, there is only one option which is to wait that the hair sheds off naturally. Once it goes you will find that it is being replaced by external hair that would be fairly visible. To conclude things are in the right direction.

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