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How To Choose The Right Gym Gear

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A workout can be effective only if it is done the right way. Right from planning your fitness routine to choosing the right gym gear, everything needs to be done perfectly. Choosing the wrong gym gear can actually make your workout less effective. But not to worry, for here are some tips on choosing the right gym essentials so that all that sweating doesn’t go waste!

How To Choose The Right Gym Gear

The Right Apparel

We know how much you love getting into that comfy baggy sweat suit of yours. However, wearing too much material in the gym can be a safety hazard. It can get caught onto something. Baggy clothes also come in the way of your movement and restrict your workout. Avoid clothes that are too tight as they restrict your movement and make you uncomfortable. Choose clothing that fits perfectly with your body and lets you work out comfortably. It shouldn’t make you too conscious so that you can concentrate completely on your workout.

Avoid wearing clothes made of 100 percent cotton fabric. Although it seems to be a comfortable option, cotton absorbs your sweat and is very slow to dry. Instead of cotton, you could wear quick-drying synthetics or other lightweight fabrics specially designed for quick evaporation of sweat from your skin. Also, overuse of a fabric will eventually wear it out. Keep retiring your gymwear at regular periods of time.


Working out with worn out footwear can cause great damage to your feet. Don’t wait for the soles to fall apart before changing your shoes. Worn out arch support can actually damage your joints. It is essential that you buy good quality athletic shoes that give you the correct alignment during exercise. Also, every foot is unique so don’t buy a pair of shoes just because your friend bought them. Buy a pair that fits your unique form. You should typically be looking for shoes that are form fitting on the sides and have some extra space between the toe and the front part of the foot.

Deodorants and Lotions

Nobody wants to smell in a gym, but avoid using heavy perfume or strong smelling lotions. Stick to light deodorants. You wouldn’t have noticed but as you sweat, the aroma of the perfume gets intensified and it could actually cause a headache for you or someone working out near you. Also greasy lotions can make your body slippery and again restrict your workout. It also leads to excessive sweat. Stick to light deodorants and oil-free lotions and moisturisers that’ll protect your skin but won’t interfere with your workout.

Right gears in the best gyms will give you an enhanced workout session.

Armed with all this gear, you can be sure you can’t go wrong with your choices.

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