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How to Choose the Right Frame Style to Showcase Your Photography

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If photography is your favorite pastime or your full-time gig, then you’re going to need to show it off. Having the right frame to go along with your picture can make all the difference in how it’s perceived by its viewer. Here are some helpful tips that will ensure that you pick the ideal frame to showcase your masterpiece.

Opt for A Frame That Matches the Main Color

The frame for your photograph should complement it, not detract attention away from it. Take a look at your individual photograph and identify the color of the object that stands out. When picking the color of the frame, try to go with a shade of the color of the main object. This way, it works to complement the main focal point of your photograph.

Keep the Same Tone

The tone of your image and your frame is very important. You want them to match so they appear as if they’re meant to be together. The biggest mistake you can make is picking a tone that is completely opposite the tone projected by your image. For example, if your image is a soft one of an ocean landscape, then opt for customized frames that offer a soft tone. This way, you have a soft image matching a soft frame. You don’t want to pick a frame that has a harsh tone, such as ridged wood as it won’t fit right with the soft image.

Consider Your Wall Color

Realize that your frame doesn’t have to be a major component of your image. If you really want to keep your viewer’s eye on the image itself, you can always opt for picking a frame that matches the color of your background wall. This way, the frame essentially blends into the wall color. This will make your image stand out but still ensure that it just doesn’t look messy like a poster on the wall.

Glass Is Important

There are various types of glass that can be used in your picture frame. Depending on how you’re going to be showcasing your photograph, you’ll need to choose a glass that compliments it. For example, if you’re displaying your photograph in a place that has a lot of lighting, you may want to consider using an anti-glare glass. This way, the image can be clearly seen by the viewer without any interruption due to the lighting.

Choosing the right frame for your photograph doesn’t have to be too difficult to do. It simply takes some time to sit down and assess your photograph and how you’re going to be displaying it. Then, you can utilize the four tips above to ensure you always pick a frame that enhances the appeal of your photograph.

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